The Warriors are back… in the most cutest and possible way! Behold, SD Toys’ new PIXEL collection based on the 1979’s classic feature film about the gangs in New York in the late ’70s.

The story centres on The Warriors, a New York City gang, who must return to their home turf in Coney Island after they are framed for the murder of a respected gang leader. Their struggle to get back home through avoiding enemies and their encounters with various gangs including The Orphans, Punks and the infamous Baseball Furies made this film an instant cult movie.

SD Toys’ PIXEL collection transforms popular TV and movie characters into blocky 8-bit looking figures. It’s a fun, retro approach to toy collectibles, the line debuted with two waves of Big Bang Theory figures last year (read our review HERE), soon expanding to include such other popular pop culture references such as Mazinger-Z and now, The Warriors. Each Pixel figure measures 3-inches tall is constructed of a nice and hard, hollow plastic. As their name implies, the Pixel characters all have a blocky, 8-bit video game appearance to them. The cartoony caricatures really work well with the design and the use of color is simple and bold. ¡What’s really great about these figures is the many ways you can display them!


The Warriors Pixel Collection will be sold individually ($10 each), or as two sets of 4 figures ($35 per set).

Set A includes Ajax, Swan, Cochise and Snow.

Set B includes a Mercy, Baseball Furies Leader, Orphans and Punk.

The Warriors PIXEL line from SDToys will be available for pre-order in the states (and the whole world) through July’s PREVIEWS catalogue. Diamond is the distributor of SDToys products in the United States. The series is scheduled to arrive in October/November 2016.

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