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    What is important to you on a figure you collect?

    What is most important to you on a 7" scale figure you collect?

    -Articulation(ie. "statue" legs vs jointed, ball jointed vs hinge)?
    -Detail (ie. pockets, seams, rips/tears, sculpted/"real" clothing, real/sculpted hair)?
    -Paint (ie. blood/dirt/clean, eyelashes/lip color/ fingernails)?
    -Accessories (ie. weapons, stands, props, metal/clay/plastic)?

    Feel free to leave your input. Let me know what you look for!

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    Sculpt, is it accurate to the material? If it is supposed to be Sarah Connor from Terminator 2, does it look like her?

    Accuracy, correct weapons, clothing, colors, etc.

    Paint applications. If a figure is sculpted well, and accurate, nothing ruins it more than a sloppy paint job.

    Articulation. I'm more of a "statue guy", I don't play or pose the figures I do have very much. More of a put them in place then only adjust them if they fall or when dusting. I don't mind articulation, as long as it isn't ugly and doesn't interrupt the flow of the sculpt. This can be done, but it requires planning and forethought. Infinite Concepts (1999) produced wonderful figures from Mortal Combat, 10 years ago, no reason why it can't be done today.

    RTM's 1999 San Diego Comic Con Coverage - Infinite Concepts

    7 inch Mortal Kombat Set - INFINITE CONCEPTS - Mortal Kombat - Action Figures at Entertainment Earth Item Archive

    These 7 to 8 Inch tall Mortal Kombat action figures feature the revolutionary C.O.G.J.I.T (Center Of Gravity Joint Integrity Technology) articulation, allowing for the greatest poseability in the action figure market.
    "Real" cloth, clothing, or hair just never looks correct on 1:12 figures.

    If you are going to have anything electronic, i.e. eyes that light up, make sure the batteries can be replaced (Spawn 3 boxed set with folding cape).

    Accessories, whatever the figure has, make sure that it can hold the items. When making a series of figures, ensure that the weapons can be easily interchangeable between the figures.

    Smart, collector friendly packaging. Some people open their figures, some don't, some do a little of both. In any case, a figure that can be remove from packaging without destroying the package is a big plus.

    Accessory packs, diorama displays in addition to the figures is also a good idea.

    If the figure is prone to falling from the slightest nudge or breeze, include a small figure stand with the figure.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Great question. Look forward to other responses.

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