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Shocker Toys was on hand at Toy Fair showcasing new collectibles in their Indie Spotlight and Mallow toy lines. On display was:

Indie Spotlight Series 2: Packaged figures of Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy with Tommy gun and overcoat, King Zombie (from Deadworld) and a King Zombie variant, Jack Staff, Ignacia (from Wildguard) and The Tick.

Indie Spotlight Series 3: Unpainted prototypes of The Phantom, Zorro, Grendel, Fist of Justice and Nira-X

New Indie Spotlight Golden Age Series 1: Painted prototypes of Dan Garret's Blue Beetle, The Arrow, Black Terror, Daredevil and The Heap

New Indie Spotlight Two Packs: Painted prototypes of
- Series 1: Captain Action and Zen
- Series 2: Lazerman and Classic Madman

Also shown was a wide variety of Mallow designs as painted prototypes and concept art. These included Shocker's new FUNimation license, including Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, as well as other licenses including Madballs, My Pet Monster, and Sushi Pack.

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