Mighty Morphin returns...

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2010 marks the return of the classic 1993 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with a "new" TV show and large assortment of action figures, vehicles and role-play items from Bandai. In celebration of the show that started it all, fans will be treated to the following Mighty Morphin items:

* 4-INCH ACTION FIGURES: Each articulated figure comes with a DinoFlyer accessory that includes LED light features. SRP $5.99

* ACTION RANGERS: Come with dino spinners and play actions. SRP $8.99

* MORPHIN' RANGERS: Transform into high-tech cell phones with future sounds and lights. SRP $12.99

* ZORD VEHICLE w/ FIGURE: Collect Red, Yellow, Blue and Black Zord vehicles. Collect and combine 2 or 3 different vehicles or collect 5 vehicles to combine the ultimate Megazord. SRP $9.99

* CYCLE w/ 4" FIGURE: Rip cord racing action with a poseable action figure. Collect Red, Green, Blue and Black Dino Cycles. Collect and combine 2 or 3 vehicles, or collect 5 vehicles to combine the ultimate Megazord. SRP $12.99

* RED MORPHIN RACER: Racer includes articulated 4" Ranger. The Racer morphs into a cool Zord Robot. SRP $17.99

* MINI MIX & MORPH FIGURES: Mini figures that have detachable limbs and torsos to mix and morph. Select characters from the Power Rangers TV show history will be represented. SRP $6.99 per 2-pack.

* MINI MIX & MORPH BASE: A contraption that allows you to easily mix & morph you mini Rangers or Megazord. Inlcudes 2 figures. SRP $14.99

* DELUXE MIX & MORPH TITANUS: Mini figure parts can be inserted and combined automatically by rolling Titanus forward. SRP $32.99

* 2-INCH STYLIZED RANGERS: SRP $5.99 per 2-pack

* BASIC ROLE PLAY: Blade Blaster and Dragon Dagger. SRP $9.99 each

* DELUXE ROLE PLAY: Deluxe Dragon Dagger has 2 modes of transformation: Cutting Mode & Sword Mode. SRP $19.99

* DELUXE DINO MEGAZORD: Includes Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Mastodon Dinozord, Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord, Pterodactyl Dinozord & Triceratops Dinozord. Collect & combine with the Vehicle Zord System to create your own larger Megazord. SRP $24.99

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