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    TF2010: Star Trek

    2010 to focus on spaceship replicas and role-play items...

    Toy Fair 2010 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and (

    2010 will see Diamond Select Toys taking a break from traditional Star Trek action figure releases and focusing more on spaceship replicas and role-play items. The former will be represented by a new Enterprise, the NCC-1701-B as seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Like previous models, the replica will feature accurate detailing and lights and sound effects. Look for it fourth quarter 2010.

    Most exciting was the unveiling of new Klingon collectibles, a pleasant departure from the many Federation items released over the years. Fans can look forward to a Klingon Disruptor pistol and a very cool Klingon Bird of Prey with lights and sound effects. Photos of these items were not allowed.

    The exception to the action figure rule will be a new assortment of retro-style 8" Star Trek action figures due out 4th quarter 2010. These will include Captain Pike, Vina, Nurse Chapel, and ironically, the Salt Vampire (which was previously canceled in traditional action figure form).

    For a great selection of action figures and collectibles,,,,

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    Re: TF2010: Star Trek

    Can't wait for that Enterprise B! I wonder if they'll do an Excelsior variant...

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    Re: TF2010: Star Trek


    Why is it the 7" highly detailed fig collectors have to wait centuries to get their figs released (when they aren't completely cancelled) but the ship collectors get stuff pouring onto the shelves?

    Last year's Klingon Kang exclusive was GREAT!!! Thank you Diamond!

    I was really looking forward to the Mark Lenard as Romulan Captain as well but now there's no more news about him so I assume he's cancelled.

    Sorry but I'm not into "retro" Mego-style figs at all.

    7 of 9 and the Borgs, Sisko in command chair, Sisko & Dukat 2-pack, Salt Vampire (who's been cancelled more times than I can remember), Yeoman Rand, Nurse Chapel... All figs I really wanted, but now they're back in figure limbo again.

    Oh how I wish there was no Trek film line of crappy Playmates figs last year to screw up the ongoing release schedule of Diamond's killer 7" line.
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