Company branches out with LEGO Games...

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LEGO unveiled at Toy Fair a new brand called LEGO Games, premium constructible board games. Ten games will launch this year, with the first five releasing March 1 and the remaining games releasing by August 2010.

Each game will come with everything needed to start building and playing right out of the box, including a customizable LEGO dice and seperate building and game play instructions. LEGO Games are designed to be a new game everytime they are played. We didn't have time to test a game out, but they certainly looked fun with their ultra-small LEGO mini-figs and pieces. Those that enjoy LEGO construction and design are sure to be be pleased.

The first 5 releases March 1 include:

* MONSTER 4 - The first to get four of their monsters in a row wins. But watch out for the giant spider! $14.99

* LAVA DRAGON - Prove you are the bravest knight of all by being the first one to summon the dragon from the top of the volcano. $14.99

* PIRATE CODE - Guess the other players’ secret codes before they discover yours and become the pirate captain. A game of logic and luck. $ 19.99

* MINOTAURUS - Be the first to lead your heroes to the temple, avoiding the Minotaur and cleverly placing walls to block your opponents. $ 24.99

* CREATIONARY - Roll the LEGO Dice to select one of four exciting building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature or things. With three levels of difficulty you can show off your building skills, while the others guess what you are creating. $ 34.99

Joining the five in March are: ROBO CHAMP, MAGIKUS, RACE 3000, HOGWARTS, and RAMSES PYRAMID. All LEGO Games will be widely available in the board game aisles of toy stores. Further info can be found at Check out our Toy Fair gallery below for a closer look at the new LEGO Games!

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