New Marvel, Ghostbusters, Minimates M.A.X. and HALO...

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Diamond Select Toys has grand plans in 2010 for their popular series of 2-inch tall Minimates. On the licensed front, the Minimates will continue on strong with new Marvel, including Iron Man 2 movie Minimates this March and Series 36 this July, which stars the tallest Minimate to-date: Stilt Man. Ghostbusters will return later this year with Wave 4, starring the 'Busters in lab coats and civilian clothes.

To get these characters around, DST displayed their previously revealed Minimates vehicles due out this May: The Back to the Future Delorian, T2 Hunter Killer and the Mobile Action Xtreme Stealth Jet. A new licensed vehicle on display was the Classic Star Trek Shuttle slated for release this December.

In addition to already established licensed properties like Marvel and Ghostbusters, DST plans to expand the Minimates line to encompass new genres and themes. The new Minimates shown, to be sold under the M.A.X. (Mobile Action Xtreme) banner, included Elite Heroes (firemen, police, etc) and Pirates. Fun in-scale vehicles will have a large role with the line to encourage fantasy play. Vehicles on display included cool mech suits, helicopters and ships. Kids and collectors can look forward to the debut of the Minimates M.A.X. line this December.

Another exciting Minimates unveiling at Toy Fair was the announcement that DST has acquired the license for HALO. No photography was allowed, but fans can expect 2" tall Minimate characters and vehicles from the upcoming video game prequel, HALO: Reach this summer. If successful, DST has plans to expand the series to incorporate characters and vehicles from the other HALO games.

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