New bust banks, Ultimate Quarter Scale figures, more...

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Diamond Select Toys continues to release characters from "a galaxy far, far away" in 2010 with a variety of cool collectibles. On display at Toy Fair were new bust banks; detailed vinyl sculptures at a fraction of the cost of a resin piece. These included the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett which will see release with his Return of the Jedi colored armor (regular release) and as an exclusive Empire Strikes Back version.

The Clone Troopers will also receive the vinyl bust bank treatment this summer. Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, collectors will be encouraged to "hunt" for all four clone busts at the show, including Otto, Cody, Mustafar and a regular white trooper. When all four busts are acquired, DST will reward fans with an exclusive alternate Commander Cody headsculpt (unmasked) and a new weapon (larger blaster rifle) to place on their Cody vinyl bust.

DST's Ultimate Quarter Scale line will continue to grow in 2010 with the addition of several exciting characters. Shown, but no photography allowed, was the first armored characters in the series, including Darth Vader and an Episode III Clone Trooper.

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