New Bettie Page statue, Peanuts, Domo, Dexter, more...

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Dark Horse was at Toy Fair showcasing a slew of new items both retro and new. Highlights included:

* BETTIE PAGE: The 1950s glamour icon has been a product staple at Dark Horse for some time now (over 150 licensed items), but 2010 will see a resurgence of collectibles including a stunning new Bettie Page statue (pictured top). This piece is scheduled for a worldwide release in August 2010, carrying a $150 price tag. Bettie will also make her appearance on new Dark Horce Gela Skins and stationary, as well as metal keychains, picture frames and belt buckles.

* DOMO: The Domo invasion continues with a new series of 2" Domo Qees produced by Toy2R. Look for these this March priced at $8.99. These will be carded, with a blind boxed assortment reserved for stores like Borders and Hot Topic. Also be on the look out for exciting new 7" Domo Qee designs ($79.99 each). Several cool styles were on display to gauge reaction. I personally love the furry green Domo.

* TIM BURTON: Dark Horse is releasing Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy mini PVC figures in new Tragic Toys for Girls and Boys branded packaging. A great opportunity to collect these if you missed them the first time around. Also look for new 8" vinyl figures, stationary and the like. These items are selling briskly in New York where Tim Burton's work is being showcased at the Museum of Modern Art.

* PEANUTS: The classic Charles Schulz comic strip celebrates 60 years in 2010 and Dark Horse is joining the festivites with a new statuettes. Inspired by "syroco" sculptures that were popular in the 1930s and '40s, these new collectibles will include characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy as they were orginaly drawn in the 1950s. These will retail for a SRP of $49.95. Two "Then and Now" 2-packs will also see release this July priced at $24.99. These PVC figure sets will include Snoopy (modern and 50's version) and Charlie Brown (modern and 50's version).

* HERBIE POPNECKER: Sculpted by Tim Bruckner, a 7" vinyl figure of the 50s/60s comic character will be released this April priced at $39.99. Be on the look out for a limited edition variant Herbie to be mixed randomily with assortments featuring a different colored lollipop (green) and pants (brown).

* DEXTER: No photography was permitted pending licensor approval, but a mini bust sculpted by Gentle Giant will be released this August priced at $69.99.

* UMBRELLA ACADEMY: A new POCKET WATCH AND statue set will see release this July priced at $129.99. The 5.5" statuette will be of 00.05, also known as The Boy. The high-end watch comes in a deluxe faux-leather, velveteen-lined box with a numbered metal certificate of authenticity. These sets will be limited to 500 pieces.

Check out all these cool new items and more in our Dark Horse photo gallery below!

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