The cursed anti-hero returns...

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We had the opportunity to speak to the man who revolutionized the toy industry - Todd McFarlane - at the New York Toy Fair this past weekend. We asked McFarlane about the possibility of new Spawn collectibles and were very surprised with his response.

According to McFarlane, Spawn will be making a comeback this year starting with the Spawn: The Beginning statue (pictured above) which will be sold exclusivelly through While this statue has been previewed in the past, it was delayed as a result of McFarlane diligently fine-tuning their webstore for pre-orders. Pre-orders for the piece could begin as early as later this month. We'll keep you posted.

This is great news for fans who have been wondering about Spawn's fate. Follow the link below for more pictures of the Spawn: The Beginning statue as well as the Spawn: Issue 138 piece.

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