Movie's success sparks new series of collectibles...

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The wild success of James Cameron's AVATAR has encouraged Mattel to release a new assortment of action figures and vehicles. Shown at Toy Fair and scheduled for release now through April, new 3 3/4" were revealed including Na'vi Akwey, Na'vi Tsu'Tey w/ War Paint & Headdress, and Avatar Jake Sully Final Battle Warrior, along with RDA Parker Selfridge, Jake Sully in Wheelchair w/ Long Hair, and Sean Fike w/ Face Mask. A RDA decoed AMP suit will also see release, the mech seen walking around the base featuring RDA logos and lime green markings. New animals include the recently released Tsu'Tey's Banshee, Leonopteryx and Viper Wolves with Avatar Jake Skully set. An Avatar Jake Skully Final Battle Warrior was shown as a new 6" figure.

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