Mecha from the upcoming video game impress...

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As previously announced, Kotobukiya will be releasing action figures of the VS mechs seen in Lost Planet 2, Capcom's upcoming action game set to be released May 18, 2010. Scheduled for release in conjuction with the game, each approximately 5 1/2-inch tall figure will retail for a SRP of $39.99. On display at Toy Fair, this robot series will include:

* GTF-11 Drio

* GTF-11SR Drio SR

* PTX-140 Hardballer

* PTX-140R Hardballer R-Type

We had the opportunity to play around with production samples and came away more than impressed. For one, the delicate looking figures are in fact very sturdy, each featuring a nice, solid heft. They were also extremely articulated, starring a wide range of firm ball-joints and great balance. Size too was pleasantly surprising. 5 1/2" may sound small, but holding one in your hand is a different story; they have some mass. Fans of the game and cool looking robots will be pleased.

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