From action figures to 1:4 scale statues,DC's got you covered...

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There was a lot of new collectibles on display at the DC Direct’s Toy Fair showroom in New York. There was a lot of new product shown including action figures, busts, statues, maquettes, 12” figures and ¼ scale figures.

Action Figures

Superman - New Krypton Series 1: Superman, Superwoman, Brainiac, Mon-El (Available October 2010)

Blackest Night Series 6: Black Lantern, Hawkgirl, Blue Lantern, The Flash, Star Sapphire as Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan. (Available September 2010). These figures were not on display at the event.

Statues and Busts

Christopher Reeve as Superman Bust - August 2010
Michael Keaton as Batman Bust - September 2010
Michael Keaton as Batman Statue - October 2010
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Bust - August 2010
Batman Black and White (Arkham Asylum Batman) September 2010
Batman Black and White ( Man-Bat by Neal Adams) October 2010
Batman The Dark Crusader Mini Statue - August 2010
Superman Forever #1 Mini Statue - August 2010
DC Universe Online /MMO Statues - Batman (November 2010), Catwoman (November 2010), Superman (December 2010), Green Lantern (December 2010)
Batman Under the Hood - Red Hood DVD Marquette (July 2010)
Jonah Hex Movie: Jonah Bust , Leila Bust, Turnbull Bust (May 2010)

12” and ¼ scale

Jonah Hex Movie: Jonah Hex 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure (May 2010)
The Joker 1:4 Scale Museum Quality Statue - (November 2010)

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