More Living Dead Dolls, stylized figures and Mez Itz coming in 2010...

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MEZCO revealed several upcoming toys for 2010 and have also acquired the license for Kick ***, Little Big Planet, Watchmen and Green Hornet. Several licenses will be getting The MEZCO treatment this year in terms of Mez-Itz, stylized figures and 6" action figures.


Aside from the 6" and 12" figures which have already been released, there will also be a 6" Mez-Itz figure and a very cool stylized Wolfman figure released in August. This awesome new figure follows in the tradition of all the previous stylized figures such as Jason, Freddy and Leatherface and will be a welcome addition to anyone's horror or monster collection.

Family Guy

Mezco is re-releasing past action figures to fans that missed them the first time or are new to the hilarious show. When asked, Mezco revealed that new character figures are a possibility down the road; they didn't want to relaunch with second tier characters as to not confuse new Family Guy fans.


There are several new items planned for Michael Myers in 2010 including a Stylized Plush (August), Stylized Rotocast (September) and new 6" and 12" scale figures based on the look of the H2 film. These products are sure to please all Halloween fans young and old.


The iconic Billy the Puppet will be released in the form of a Living Dead Doll and 6" Mez-Itz figure. The Living Dead Doll version of Billy will be available in September and the Mez-Itz will be released later in 2010.


Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach ill release this June as Mez-Itz. Other characters from the movie are planned to join the series.

Nightmare on Elm Street

MEZCO will be releasing several toys based on the new look of Freddy from the new film. There will be a Living Dead Doll version of the new Freddy in April and an original Freddy sometime in 2010. There will also be a 6" Mez-Itz in April and a mini Mez-Itz figure later in 2010.


There will be a shirtless version of Hellboy and Johann Kraus will make up Series 2 of the 6" Mez-Itz assortment.

There was also several new Living Dead Dolls on display including Series 19 ‘Children of the Night’, Beetlejuice and others.
There will also be several items produced for the film Kick *** and the Green Hornet classic TV series.

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