T2, Jonah Hex, Predator and much more coming to a store near you...

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Aside from all the great video game-based figures, NECA also had plenty of new film-based products on display including Clash of the Titans, T2, Nightmare on Elm Street, Predator, Predator 2 and Jonah Hex figures.


Two additional new Terminator 2 'Judgement Day' T-800 figures with different deco, weapons and hands and the three versions of the T-1000 were on display at the NECA booth. NECA stated that the heads on the T-1000's will be interchangable.

* T-800 (Battle Across Time) Figure will feature different hands and a phase plasma rifle.
* T-800 (Steel Mill) Figure will feature new deco and battle damage.
* T-1000 (Liquid Metal) This will either be a SDCC exclusive or a retailer exclusive TBD
* T-1000 (Police Officer) This figure is based on the 1st police officer form the T-1000 takes and will include a pistol and additional hand with pointed metal finger.
* T-1000 (Battle Damaged) This figure will feature interchangeable mettalic hook hands and a split in half in addition to another head which was not shown.


The all new movie based on DC Comics Jonah Hex will be getting the NECA treatment this year. Look for the following highly detailed figures to release in May 2010:

* Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin)
* Turnbull (John Malcovich)
* Leila (Megan Fox)


The new version of this pop-culture classic film will be getting two action figures andvery cool movie replica knived gloves.

* Freddy Krueger (Figure will feature two interchangeable heads and a removable hat)
* Fred Krueger (This figure will be Freddy's pre-burned look and will include interchangeable hands and a mini hand rake)
-Both figures will be released in late March to coincide with the film's release on April 30th-
* The movie replica Bladed Glove is made of real metal and is based on the design from the new film. The glove will retail at in the $80 range and should be available before the film's theatrical release in April.
* An amazing Freddy Puppet replica from Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was also on display at the booth but no release date or pricing information was available.


* NECA will be making several different Predators based on the aptly titled film. (Unfortunatelly no samples were revealed since details about the film have not yet been released)


* There will be three different versions of the original Predator figure (masked, unmasked with open mandibles and unmasked with closed mandibles)
These figures will feature a ball-jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees plus a V crotch and swivel thighs. Release Date: TBA


* The Elder Predator figure was also on display but featured a non-finalized head sculpt. This figure will feature the same articulation as the original Predator but features alternate weapons and accesories. Release Date: TBA


* Only a clean and muddy version of the new Perseus figure were on display but a Hades and Zeus figure are also tentativelly planned for release.

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