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    TF2010: Masters of the Universe Classics

    Mattel's exclusive Masters of the Universe line shows it has 'The Power'...

    Toy Fair 2010 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and (

    Mattel revealed several amazing and unexpected new products from their 'Masters of the Universe Classics' toy line at today's Toy Fair media event. Mattel will be making 200X fans very happy with the inclusion of the new Keldor and Count Marzo figures to the MOTUC line. A very unexpected 12" figure of the sought-after Tytus and the unproduced Gygor figures will also be sold through as part of the bonus figure program. The finalized Moss man smaples were also on display and featured a musky smell just as matty has stated in previous Q&As. Here is the skinny on what MOTUC fans can look forward to in 2010:

    * She-Ra (with interchangeable heads and removable tiara) Club Eternia-June
    * Count Marzo (with amulet and sword)-Club Eternia-July
    * Whiplash (with classic and 200X heads)-Club Eternia-August
    * Keldor-(with twin power swords and acid vial)Bonus Figure-TBA
    * 12" Tytus-Bonus Figure-$39.99
    * Gygor-Bonus Figure-Release date and price TBA
    * Accesories Packs-April-PriceTBA

    * Toys "R" Us Exclusive DC/MOTUC 2-packs These sets were also on display at the event and will consist of the previously announced He-Man Vs Superman and a second set which will feature Skeletor Vs Lex Luthor.

    * One of this year's San Diego Comic-Con exclusives was revealed to be the much speculated Mo-Lar and Skeletor 2-pack which is based on the popular 'Robot Chicken' skit. Scott Neitlich also announced that a second Comic-Con exclusive figure will be revealed in April.

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    Re: TF2010: Masters of the Universe Classics

    Marzo! Very cool!

    And I love the way they're including both traditional and 200X heads with Whiplash.

    Man I bet that Keldor is gonna sell out in about 1 minute flat!

    Here's hoping for more She-ra characters too. I'd like to see more of her villains that were never made before. Complete the Horde!

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    Re: TF2010: Masters of the Universe Classics

    Gotta say I was very surprised at a couple of these. TYTUS all the way man!!!

    As for as Keldor goes, I'm a little disapointed that he doesn't come with a 200x style doule bladed sword??? And TG's respose was just hooky to me...its nota classics style...well my friend you gave usa 200x styled power sword for He-Man?!!! or don't you know your own product?
    Also, was hoping when they did get around to Keldor that he would come with an extra head -the burning away look...

    She-Ra looks killer!

    Marzo-well he rocks!!

    Whiplash looks cool...and yet gain we get a 200x styled extra head-so what gives???

    Optik looks awesome-a great update to a realy wacky character

    CyGor just looks a good way!

    Tytus....well he is just amazing!!! I must have him!!!!

    The two packs are just ok in my book. We aren't getting anything new with these. Its a repop of the Superman thats in the All Star for wave 11, and its just a repainted He-Man. The Skelly pack is the same Luther from DCSH, could have done something different for sure...maybe give hij the Luther head from the 5pack!? We do get 4 different colore of kryptonite, but these wll be coming in the other Luther/Supergirl two pack that should be hitting now. See what I mean...Hell, they could have thrown Orko in one and a small gringer in another pack??!!

    The wepaons pack is an awesoe idea...cuase lets face it. Most of us have been posting online about wanting this. Its just too bad they didn't put an orange axe in there for Faker. Maybe could have left off a few oher parts an put in a Doomseeker.

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