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    TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    NECA reveals new Gears of War, BioShock 2 and Dante's Inferno, plus some other surprises...

    Toy Fair 2010 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and (

    NECA premiered a lot of new product at this year's Toy Fair event including several new and exciting licensed product reveals. Here is a rundown of all the awesome new video game products fans can look forward to from NECA in 2010:


    For those of you who missed out on getting Big Daddy Bouncer, he will be making a return to retail later in March. Following the release of Wave 1 (Subject Delta, Big Sister and Little Sister), as well as their EVE Hypo replica and Big Daddy Plush, NECA will release in April a second action figure wave which will consist of:

    * Deluxe Big Daddy Bouncer Rosie

    * Splicer

    * Little Sister 2-pack (To include Eleanor Lamb and the Little Sister from Wave 1).

    * Big Daddy Elite (Pictured above. This will be a retailer exclusive, retailer to be announced).

    NECA is looking into the possibility of producing an ADAM Syringe and a Subject Delta Plush. There will also be BioShock San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, though it was not revealed at Toy Fair.

    STREET FIGHTER: There are currently no plans to release any additional figures in this line. Only the current repaint wave was on display.


    On display was a first look at the new Kantus, Skorge, Butcher Boomer and Mauler Boomer figures. This Spring will usher in the Toys"R"Us exclusive wave we previously reported about, which will include Lt. Kim, General Raam, Locust Grenadier (no armor), Marcus Fenix (with cogs/dog tags). This will be followed by Series 6 this summer. NECA has not yet finalized the lineup, but it will most likely include the Mauler Boomer and either Skorge or Kantus... or both. Randy Falk mentioned this possibly being an all-villain wave. At least one more series (7) will be released by year's end. There will also be a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.


    A new Isaac Clark figure (not shown) with new armor, and a Necromorph (pictured above) will be coming out to coincide with the release of Dead Space 2 in 2011.


    A brand new Dante in 'Crusader' outfit and Unbaptized Baby were shown. Both figures will most likely be sold as a 2-pack.

    NECA also confirmed the following new video game licenses which will join the Player Select toy line:

    * Borderlands (Articulated Claptrap with sound effects)
    * Splinter Cell 2
    * Assassin's Creed 2

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    Re: TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    Nice...can't wait to get my hands on some of those Gears and Bioshcok toys!!!

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    Re: TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    Great work,,,,,,,,, Between Transformers,gears of war and other figures i am gonna be broke this

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    Re: TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    Love the new Dante - I hope they include Death's Scythe with this one as well as you can play in this "Crusader" outfit on your second play-through the game!
    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Cool Re: TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    * Big Daddy Elite (Pictured above. This will be a retailer exclusive, retailer to be announced)

    and it doesn't matter what retailer will get the exclusive, because chances are it won't me made available here in Canada, just like the toys r us big and little sister two-pack.

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    Re: TF2010: Company Reveals New Player Select

    Ooh that Dante is sweet!!

    I love the GOW and Dead Space figs seen here too. Can't wait!

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