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    DVD REVIEW: Chai Lai Angels - Dangerous Flowers

    Sexy Thai action film from the company that brought fans Ong-Bak...

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    There's something about girls with guns and knives that's both oh so right and oh so very very wrong. Maybe it's a manly guy thing, but girls with guns and knives are both scary and sexy. They could shoot or cut you, but they could also force you - at the threat of terrible violence - to do all of those nasty things you want them to do...

    Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers does a little bit of both which made me both smile and cry a little bit.

    Thanks to Magnet, fans of sexy, dangerous ladies carrying guns and knives in corny, over-the-top action films can find the corny, over-the-top Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers on home video here in the USA. While the story isn't exactly the most original of tales, the action is sometimes exciting and and fun (or funny!) and the ladies are oh so hot Hot HOT that they'll at least make you smiling...even if you're not in a happy mood.

    The story is fairly simple: Miki (whose father is a martial arts master) knows where a treasure is and some criminal want this information. To ensure the criminals don't get this information, five sexy secret agents - the Chai Lai Angels - are enlisted to help protect Miki and keep her safe. The five fail, Miki is kidnapped, and it's up to the five warrior women named after flowers - Rose, Lotus, Pouy-sian, Spadix and Hibiscus - to get her back.

    Again, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers is not the most original of stories and, in fact, the story is really all but non-existent. It exists really only to allow these five sexy characters - and specifically, Rose (played by the super sexy Bongkoj Khongmalai) - to prance around on screen shooting, kicking, punching and...well...dancing in their underwear. While sexy ladies are always fun to watch, a film has to have some story...or at least some action.

    Unfortunately, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers is a bit short on both. The story I've covered and the action, while fun at times, seems a bit forced. It's really hard to believeChai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers was made by the same company that brought fans Ong-Bak, one of my all-time favorite martial arts films ever!

    Overall, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers isn't so much a disappointment as a missed opportunity. But if you're a fan of sexy ladies totting guns and knives kicking butt and taking names with big explosions in the background, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers might be your movie. Of course, if you don't mind laughable characters, an overused story, and corny action, Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers probably is your movie.

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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