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    Mattel 12" Ghostbusters RAY STANZ

    There's a new scale in the neighborhood...

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    For many years fans have been clamoring for a set of realistically sculpted figures based on their favorite ghost-busting foursome as they appeared in the original 1984 film, Ghostbusters. With several tries by companies to acquire the rights, even with a fantastic attempt by NECA with their small line of ghost-based figures, it seemed the likeness rights would never be obtainable. But Mattel shocked fans when they announced that they had secured rights to do not only movie-based figures, but also those based on the animated series, video game, and potentially a third film. Not only that, but they than announced a collectible line of 12-inch figures featuring authentic fabric costumes, accessories, and light-up proton packs. A dream comes true as Mattel delivers the first of the 12" figures with Dan Akroyd as Ray Stanz!

    PACKAGING: Undoubtedly, one of the strongest features of the new line has got to be the packaging. I have no doubt that part of the figures retail price had to account for the deluxe box and itís totally worth it. The box has fairly open design with clear plastic showcasing the figure in a diorama-like position. Ray stands holding his particle thrower at the ready with an army of green specters surrounding him (including the scary librarian ghost). He stands atop a ďsteelĒ base with a cardboard mock-up of the trap at his feet. The side of the box has artwork of one of the Terror Dogs standing in front of the gateway from the film. The box depicts a messy desk with all sorts of junk such as crumpled Post-It notes and old Chinese food and shows a personnel file for Ray with references to the films. The most unique feature of the package is the nameplate in the front that looks like itís written on a piece of masking tape. This panel actually pulls out to reveal Rayís locker, which opens up and contains his accessories.

    SCULPTING & ARTICULATION: As much as it pains me to say it, the head sculpt on the figure is incredible disappointing. While it captures the likeness of Dan Akroyd somewhat, the lack of definition gives the sculpt a cartoony, waxy look, especially evident in the eyes and mouth. As far as articulation goes, the new Mattel body features around 27-points of articulation including 6-7 in each leg (including toes), 4 in each arm, and several in the torso. The figure even has a new type of articulation that allows for movement of the shoulder blades.

    PAINT: While the hope would be that the paint apps would help make the figureís head sculpt a little more realistic, the paint only makes the sculpt appear more lifeless and doll-like. Rosy cheeks accent the one-color skin tone while flat looking eyes and scruffy eyebrows are the only painted features. The hair had been given a two-color treatment to add definition and keep it from looking as flat as the face.

    COSTUME & ACCESSORIES: This reviewer is a lot more impressed with the costume and accessories on this figure than the head sculpt. The clothing consists of the trademark one-piece jumpsuit with all of the small details from the movie such as his nametag, the various pockets and elbow pads (which are removable). The one curious thing that bothers me is the various zipper pulls, some of which seem to be randomly attached where no pocket is, or were sewn on wrong. As major enhancement to quality (perhaps in the future?) would be to have actual zippers like many sixth-scale companies are doing. Quaility of materials and workmanship seem to be pretty high, with everything sewn straight and put together well. He also includes molded boots and a latched belt with several places to stow gadgets and even a keyring.

    As far as accessories go, Ray comes with everything he needs to be a ďrealĒ Ghosbusters. Along with a walkie-talkie (with holster), he includes four hands (gloved and ungloved), and his Ecto Goggles (with slightly flexible bands for a tight fit). The two other accessories, and the most important are the Ghost Trap and Proton Pack. The Ghost Trap is highly detailed and includes a hose attached to the foot pedal. If you press the red button near the handle, the trap will spring open for an alternate display option as well. The Proton Pack has to be the most impressive part of the whole figure as they do a pretty good job of mimicking all the little details from the film with all the little tubes, wires, circuits, bolts, etc. The pack is mounted on ray with a series of straps and clasps and can be removed. The particle thrower can be mounted on the side of the pack, but the tube connecting it to the pack is fairly stiff and loops out in a weird position. The pack also features a neat light-up feature, that when pressed, has a series of blinking lights that go for around a minute.

    OVERALL: While it may seem Iíve been pretty harsh on this figure in the review, Iím only pointing out things that I see that could be improved. Hardcore fans have been waiting for 12" Ghostbusters for a longtime and those that really want a perfectly movie accurate figure will be somewhat disappointed. But for fans like myself that just want a really cool 12" Ghostbuster figure, than Mattel delivers. The 12" Ghostbusters Ray Stanz is available to order now from for $60.00 plus s&h.

    You can see more photos of Ray right HERE.

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

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