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    Hot Toys MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies

    "Ack! Ack! Ack! Take me to your leader."

    Fans looking to add Hot Toys' MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies to their collection can pre-order them at the following fine retailers: and

    Hot Toys is at it again, throwing a one-two collectible punch based on Tim Burton's 1996 sci-fi comedy, MARS ATTACKS! In addition to 1:6th scale figures of the brainy aliens, a whimsical series of 3" mini-figures will see release this month under the Cosbaby banner.

    The Mars Attacks! Cosbaby assortment includes 7 figures, including one mystery chase figure. These include a Martian Ambassador (purple), Martian Leader (red), two Martian Troopers (long and short guns), three variants of the Martian Spy Girl, plus the oddly headed secret figure. We'll call him "Bulby". These retailed for $8.50 each via Sideshow Collectibles, the exclusive North American distributor for Hot Toys. Alas, fans that hesitated on purchasing these through Sideshow are out of luck as they are now all sold out. Lucky for fans that hesitated, a couple of our sponsors have them available for pre-order. Check out the links above to get your set before they too are gone.

    As entertaining cinema goes, Mars Attacks! bored me to tears with its bloated cast and shallow humor. However, the alien designs of Mars Attacks! were fantastic; an amazing homage to the 1960's trading card series that inspired the movie. Hot Toys captures the spirit of these cool creatures and manges something the film never could: Makes them funny.

    Each Mars Attacks! Cosbaby comes packaged in a small box adorned with the theatrical poster on the front, the line-up on the sides and figure specs on the back. Inside, each tiny terror comes polybagged with its mini accessory (if it includes one), ready for display. The packaging is about as basic as it gets, but does more than an adequate job getting the Martians to Earth safe and sound. "Ack! Ack! Ack! We come in peace!"


    Hot Toys is releasing three versions of this "sexy" Martian; one completely disguised as a human female, one with a slightly ripped mask exposing her alien jaw, and one fully exposed as the bizarre being it really is. I feel Hot Toys went a tad overboard with all the variants though, as I don't see enough difference between the "human" spies to warrant their own figure. One Martain Spy Girl Cosbay with a removeable rubber mask (or masks, one battle damaged) would have been more ideal. As it is, the "human" spies come across as case filler, though I am sure completists will appreciate them.

    The star of the trio for me is the unmasked Spy Girl. It's a hilarious mash-up of beauty and the beast. "She" (if these things have a sex) also packs a cute little red laser pistol that fits snug in either hand. This brings me to the articulation on these itty bitty invaders. Each Mars Attacks! Cosbaby features a ball-jointed head for a variety of playful tilts, swivel arms for up and down motion, hands that rotate 360 degrees, and in the case of the two Troopers, swivel legs and ball-jointed feet. An issue with past Cosbabies, the very wobbly nature of the overly articulated feet make standing these figures a choir. Fortunately, the assortment stars some skirted figures. Seen on the Spy Girls, Ambassador and Leader, this broad flat base provides a nice solid platform for posing your toy. I wouldn't recommend a skirt on every figure, but I do hope Hot Toys takes a simpler approach on future Cosbaby feet, eliminating the ball-joint for more sturdy display.


    These two skirted figures are my favorite of the entire assortment, partly because they stand with ease and partly because of their cool metalic colors. They're just a joy to look at and play around with (they're both by my computer now). The Ambassador looks very regal in his purple tunic, while the Leader flaunts his power in red, toting a micro ray gun. Eye-popping color on their clothes aside, it is the phenomenal paint work on their heads that shine. The paint apps on each Mars Attacks! Cosbaby head is indubitably top-notch, with crisp clean eyes and a brilliant shading on the brains.


    Despite their floppy feet, these two soldiers deserve top honors for their great spacesuits and ray guns. They give a whole new meaning to "Little Green Men".

    I particularily like the trooper armed with the blue and red blaster rifle. The gun's bright bold colors really stand out and thanks to a peg-like handle, the weapon fits in the Martian's minature grip perfectly. The pistol-wielding Martian doesn't have as much luck. Due to his gun's thicker handle and the odd slanted cut of his hands, the poor weapon must be posed at a silly slant. Call me crazy, but I have two huge pet peeves: 1) warped weapons and 2) figures that can't shoot their guns straight. I blame it all on my old stiff Star Wars toys.

    "Bulby" is the strange secret figure if you order a case of Mars Attacks! Cosbabies. Instead of the cool clear bubble helmets the Martians wear in the movie (and sadly missing on these figures), the chase figure features a translucent green head that looks like a light bulb. I'd say it is a helmet, but there is no trace of an actual alien head underneath. It's all very weird, but as a bonus figure, I can't complain.

    You don't have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy Hot Toys' Mars Attacks! Cosbabies. These are very amusing toys and a real sci-fi treat. Not since Trendmasters' 1996 line of movie toys have collector's been blessed with Mars Attacks! action figures. Don't let another decade go by, grab these up while you can.

    For over 80 Mars Attacks! Cosbaby photos, CLICK HERE!

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hot Toys

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

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    Re: Hot Toys MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe "Bulby" is supposed to represent a Martian killed by the humans' sonic attack (which makes their heads explode within their helmets)!

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    Thumbs up Re: Hot Toys MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies

    Quote Originally Posted by malevolus View Post
    if i'm not mistaken, i believe "bulby" is supposed to represent a martian killed by the humans' sonic attack (which makes their heads explode within their helmets)!
    :d sweet! :d

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    Re: Hot Toys MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies

    Ah cool, thanks Scott! I have new found respect for "Bulby"!

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    Re: Hot Toys MARS ATTACKS! Cosbabies

    Nice thread guys.I am really liking this forum. I must say I am a die hard fan of Mars Attack toys. Bulby is definitely my favorite, I have always loved playing with it.I remember I was the first one to have it in the neighborhood.
    Thanks for all the info guys and Malevolus you got it right man, that is Bulby.

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