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    Go Hero 12" BUCK ROGERS Figure

    The classic sci-fi icon comes to life in 1/6th scale...

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    I recently reviewed the Go Hero Atomic Disintegrator Prop Ray Gun and, from a sci-fi fan's perspective, it's hard to consider anything much cooler than this remake of the classic Daisy prop. And then came the Go Hero's 12" Buck Rogers Figure.

    An original creation which includes so many amazing features (like a new 12" ATOMedia body that's sure to blow away customizers!), this new addition to the 1/6th scale sci-fi genre is no doubt one of the finest examples of pure passion ever.

    Steve Forde, the man behind Go Hero, loves what he does and it shows in the company's products. I first met Steve back in 2003 when he was promoting MechaBot, his original Japanese-styled robot line of vinyl figures. But, in 2007, Steve introduced fans to an idea that would set the 1/6th world on it's head.

    Based on the classic "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" pulp character, played by Larry "Buster" Crabbe in the film serial, this will be - if it's not already - one of the most sought after sci-fi film figures around.


    The packaging on this figure is nothing short of extraordinary. The figure comes beautifully surrounded by real wood (maple) box with the design and description llaser-etched into the front slide panel and back (above). The figure and accessories come in a vacu-formed plastic liner which holds each piece securely.

    Of note: the glass helmet which comes with the figure is allowed little cushion and, as such, there have been breakage problems in the past during shipping. I received my figure's real glass helmet in a seperate package from Go Hero to ensure it was not damaged.

    Overall, the packaging is world-class and is one of the most impressive - if not the most impressive - I've seen in a very long time.


    Buck features a fairly accurate head sculpt which reflects actor Larry Crabbe's visage well. I'm unsure if Go Hero had the rights to use Crabbe's likeness, but - even if they did not - it's hard not to see the classic Buck Rogers actor here.


    The figure's clothes include a wide variety of detailed work: a removable flight helmet with a movable, die-cast visor (below), a real glass space helmet, a removable plastic jet pack, a tailor-fit and made cloth outfit with jodhpurs, a knit shirt, a molded plastic vest with die-cast emblem.

    The outfit also includes a black belt with removable buckle, a molded plastic gun holster, and textured plastic gauntlets and boots (above).

    With so much detail surrounding the outfit, it's hard to imagine the figure getting any better, but the minute details make this figure something to truly appreciate. The die-cast visor can be moved up and down, the helmet - being real glass - beautifully gives the figure a realism that's rarely seen in a 1/6th scale figure, and the plastic backpack features LED lights which glow and give the flames an ignited look (below). All in all...this is one figure that's not only trying to sell itself; this is one figure that's trying to triumph over every other figure in its category...


    As most of the accessories were previously mentioned, it's important to note the figure does - of course - include a 1/6th scale version of the Atomic Disintegrator gun (above) which will no doubt make fans who own the 1:1 Prop that much happier. After all, there's nothing like owning an action figure as well as a prop of the weapon the character uses to extinguish evil.

    Again, the removable flight helmet, space helmet, and back pack are all accessories which make this not only a figure with a rightful place in every die-hard sci-fi collector's display, but a figure deserving of a place of honor.


    I don't normally make mention of a 1/6th figure's body as a good majority of the bodies have been reviewed a plenty at, but this figure's body deserves a special honor all its own. With this figure, Go Hero has introduced the world to the ATOMedia 12" body.

    According to the Go Hero ATOMedia website, the body - based on the ATOModel design, which features over 30 points of articulation as well as shoulders which "pop" in and out (to allow for easy dressing and undressing), the ATOMedia 12" figure includes an "exclusive internal audio device, 1 GIG of flash storage, and over 25 functions." This allows collectors to "play MP3 files and record your own sounds (as well as) download new files, manage them from your computer, and recharge the battery via a USB port.

    An added bonus is the figure's audio device can be controlled by an included remote which allows collectors to play sounds from across a room. Now, the fact your figure has a sound chip is cool enough, but the idea of allowing fans up to 1 GIG of storage to make their own sounds for their own figures is not only brilliant, but simply genius. And the fact a collector can control those sounds from across a room with a remote? Simply revolutionary.

    After all, which collector wouldn't want to buy a 12" body that not only includes great articulation, but the ability to emit explosions, lines of dialogue or even - dare I say it - flatulence? (Yeah yeah yeah...fart jokes are never old!)


    Go Hero has the 12" Buck Rogers figure available for $175 and, right now, fans can take advantage of a special code for $20 off shipping (which amounts to FREE SHIPPING in the USA). Just enter "zappyholidays" at checkout.

    What can I say that I've not yet said? The figure is classic, old-school sci-fi at its very best. Featuring a cool pulp comic look made in top-quality fashion with an attractive and simple outfit that includes everything from a real glass helmet and die-cast flight visor to a 12" body with sound, this is one figure that deserves your attention.

    For more information on the 12" Buck Rogers and other Go Hero products, click HERE.

    Be sure to check out over 50 images of this figure in our 12" Go Hero Buck Rogers Photo Gallery.

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Thumbs up Re: REVIEW: Go Hero 12" Buck Rogers Figure

    What an outstanding job! Great retro look and execution!

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