Masters of the Universe Classics news galore...

Matty, the Master Toy Collector of Mattel, has opened up a monthly question and answer session. From burning questions regarding to any one of Mattel's many amazing toy lines, Matty will try his best to answer them all.

Without further ado, here's Matty and his answers for today's Q&A...

1) Now that Evil Lyn has been confirmed as the Club Eternia April figure, will she include tons of packed in accessories like Teela and will she have interchangeable heads as well?

That remains to be announced!
2) Aside from the Evil Lyn announcement, will Matty be revealing any other Club Eternia 2010 figure before Toy Fair?

Likely yes, but we can’t confirm quite yet.
3) Is there any chance that next year’s MOTUC release schedule may include a Snakeman or two?

We need to wait to see how the bonus figures do before announcing any more 2010 figures, but we are eager to get to the Snake Men!
4) The MOTUC King Randor figure looks great but it has absolutely no 200X influence in it’s design. Is there a possibility we may get a 200X-styled Randor in the near future?

Yes, we could get to a 200X version of Randor in time (in the classics style mind you).
5) Will the Bonus Wun-Dar figure come in the traditional blister card package as the rest of the line and will the Eternia map be inserted in the toy package as well?

Wun-Dar will come on a traditional card with bio and cross sell to fit perfectly in your mint on card collection. The poster will be packed out separately but shipped together.

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