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    It's that time again...

    Time when everyone starts - if you haven't already! - picking up gifts for the ones you love...and yourself, as there's really no better time to snatch up a great deal!

    Below are links to each of's advertisers as well as links to some of our favorite non-collectible gifts which are sure to make the comic/fantasy/sci-fi/toy/video game/movie geek in your life have a happy happy holiday season!

    Those fans looking for the latest in action figures, statues and collectibles can head over to, where they'll find a Black Friday Sale (going on NOW!), but also...

    - Medicom's 12" Real Action Hero Rocketeer (Version 2.5) Figure

    - NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Batsu Figure Set

    - Mezco Toyz Mini Living Dead Dolls Series 16 - Set of 5

    - Gentle Giant Star Wars: Clone Wars Life Sized Monument Captain Rex

    For those fans looking for a great selection of sports figures and video game figures, check out, where you'll find not only a HUGE holiday sale, but also...

    - UFC & WWE Figures and Collectibles

    - Halo Video Game Figures and Collectibles

    - - Upper Deck Pro Shot Figures & Vinyl Collectibles

    - Chase and Collector-level Figures (HARD TO FIND HERE!)

    For those looking to find all of your favorite comic book and movie figures and collectibles, check out, where you'll a great assortment of Gifts Under $10 as well as...

    - Marvel Figures, Statues and Collectibles

    - DC Comics Figures and Collectibles

    - Movie & TV Figures and Collectibles

    - Sci-fi Figures and Collectibles

    For those fans looking for the best military action figures and collectibles in a variety of scales, check out, where you'll find a great deal on military figures, including...

    - Dragon Models figures and collectibles - BIG SALE GOING ON NOW!

    - 1/6 Modern Figures and Collectibles

    - 1/6 Sci-Fi & Licensed Figures & Collectibles

    - 1/6th Ancient Era Figures and Collectibles - Ninjas, Knights, & Gladiators!

    For those looking for a wide variety of anime and manga action figures and collectibles, check out, where you'll find...

    - Final Fantasy Figures and Collectibles

    - Wall Scrolls and Posters

    - Macross Figures and Collectibles

    - Airsoft Guns

    For those looking for the best in cartoon action figures and collectible figures and card games, check out, where you'll find a HUGE Thanksgiving sale as well as...

    - Bakugan

    - Ben 10 Figures and Collectibles

    - Twilight and New Moon Merchandise

    - Dragonball Z Figures and Collectibles

    For the best selection of Star Wars action figures and collectibles, check out, where - right now! - you'll save $15 on orders over $75 and find...

    - 2010 Legacy and Clone Wars Figures and Vehicles

    - 2009 Legacy and Clone Wars Figures and Vehicles

    - Hasbro F/X Lightsabers

    - High-end eFX Collectibles

    For those looking for the coolest pop culture t-shirts, hats and apparel, check out, where you'll find everything from hoodies and baseball caps to wallets and children's clothing!

    Be sure to check out the entire list of categories for the best selection online!

    For your favorite old-school action figures and collectibles, check out, where you'll find 15% OFF everything thanks to their Pre-Black Friday Sale (going on NOW!!)

    Be sure to check out your favorite figures from 20 years ago reborn, including...

    - G.I. Joe

    - Transformers

    - Masters of the Universe

    For a great selection of superhero and comic book action figures and collectibles, head over to, where you'll find everything a comic geek could desire, including...

    - DC Universe Classics

    - Marvel Comic Toys - including 1st Appearances, Famous Covers, Select, and more!

    - Legendary Comic Book Heroes

    - Comic Con Exclusives

    For the Disney fan - as well as the racing fan - in all of us, be sure to steer yourself over to, where you'll find a great selection of fast items, including...

    - Disney/Pixar CARS collectibles

    - NASCAR collectibles

    Be sure to check out the CARS Clearance Section where you'll find a number of fan-favorites on super sale today!

    Now for those fans who are looking for some cool presents outside the realm of action figures, statues, and collectibles to display on your shelf, be sure to check out the following books, video games, and movies, including...

    Looking for a gift for someone who doesn't mind stretching their mind and exercising those brain muscles, check out recommended reads...

    David J. Williams introduced readers to a second cold war set in the year 2110 and a futuristic terrorist organization called Autumn Rain in his brilliant 2008 debut novel The Mirrored Heavens. Now, fans can pick up the second part to this trilogy in The Burning Skies. Follow Claire Haskell, the world's best "razor" (hacker) and her former lover Jack Marlowe, one of the most talented mech soldiers, as they fights through both the physical and online worlds of the future, where memories are made up and no one is safe!

    Be sure to check out the amazing website for more information today as well as the faux news site (a tie-in to the books!)

    Andy Remic's Combat K novels are no-holds-barred, take no prisoners, fast-paced action. With two currently available - War Machine and Biohell - and a third - Hardcore - coming in January, these intense novels follow Combat K, a group of special forces soldiers required by law to NOT work together (they're that dangerous!) However, these novels find them forced to work together to solve conspiracies and crimes for causes not their own! This is a series that'll blow you away with its amazing world-building and a flair for the near-impossible! Sure to make any sci-fi book reader happy!

    For those who like their literature a little more video game in nature, the newly released HALO: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe is available now and will quench your need for more Master Chief goodness!

    Likewise, for those looking for a beautiful HALO coffee table book that'll impress both fans and non-fans alike, there's the Halo Encyclopedia. Chalk full of unseen artwork, information, and facts never before revealed, there's nothing like it anywhere else...

    If you know a fantasy fan who likes to combine their gaming and reading, be sure to pick up the new Dragon Age: The Calling. Set in the same world as the fan-favorite video game Dragon Age: Origins, fantasy fans will love what EA has in store for them!

    For those who only game - and don't read (shame, shame!), we recommend a variety of amazing experiences, including...

    - HALO: ODST - Exclusively on the Xbox 360, play as "The Rookie" and fight for New Mombasa in this FPS that has fans and critics in love!

    - Borderlands - 2K Game's awesome new RPG shooter, on both PS3 and Xbox 360, has you - along with up to 3 friends online - kickin' butt and takin' names in a futuristic wasteland where you'll find more guns and firepower than ever before!

    - Batman: Arkham Asylum - Play as the Dark Knight on both PS3 and Xbox 360 as he fights against various henchmen, madmen, and villains like Killer Croc and the Joker in the world's most viscous insane asylum - Arkham!

    - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, now's your chance to don your war-fighting gear and protect the freedoms of others as you fight terrorism, infiltrate terrorist cells, and more!

    - Assassin's Creed 2 - Assassination has never been so swift, silent or deadly in this follow-up to the fan-favorite 2007 Ubisoft game. Available on all systems, fans now play in the Renaissance, with more weapons, new landscapes, and more ways of escape!

    So you know someone who likes to watch, but doesn't like to play? Check out our list of new home videos which will have movie and TV fans sitting on their backsides while everyone else is singing Christmas carols...

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray
    The ultimate in action-packed CGI awesomeness, watch as all of the 1980s favorite characters - and some new! - come to life in 1080p!

    Transformers: 25th Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition (Complete Series) Set
    So maybe you know someone who doesn't approve of the new live-action adaptation, but enjoys the original cartoons instead? Check out the ultimate edition in this amazing set which includes every episode of the original TF cartoon series as well as a variety of bonus features!

    G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Blu-ray
    Fans of fast-paced action will love this new ilve-action adaptation of the classic military cartoon. Accelerator Suits and nanomites make this an update for the 21st Century!

    G.I. Joe A Real American Hero - Complete Collector's Set
    So you know another fan of the classic cartoon instead of the new, live-action film? Pick them up the complete series of the classic cartoon in this cool footlocker box set which includes a variety of bonus features, including the original cartoons, interviews, and more!

    Terminator: Salvation Blu-ray
    Those futuristic sci-fi fans on your list will love this fourth installment in the fan-favorite Terminator series starring Christian Bale as John Connor, the leader of the resistance. Set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the maniacal machines have all but won, this is one hit film die-hard sci-fi fans won't want to miss!

    Fight Club 10th Anniversary Blu-ray
    Including a variety of new special features and Tyler Durden's amazing story in hi-def, there's nothing better for that fight fan on your list than this amazing story of self-awareness, understanding, and bare-knuckle brawling. Tyler Durden comes to life in this ultra-violent, over-the-top tale of despair, rage, and frustration. Just remember, you are not your ****** khakis!

    Rocky The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray
    Speaking of fighting...if the person on your list is more of a classic fighting fan, be sure to pick them up this ultimate version of the unforgettable Rocky franchise. Including all 6 movies in the series as well as a 7th disc with a ton of bonus features, the fight fan on your Christmas list won't know what hit 'em! Go get 'um Rock!

    There you have it, some amazing holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list who - like us - enjoys robots, comics, dragons, cartoons, superheros and all things pop culture!

    From our homes to yours, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

    - The Crew

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