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    DVD REVIEW: Bruno

    Sacha Baron Cohen delivers another disgusting, hilarious, naughty good time...

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    Sacha Baron Cohen is unique amongst creators. He's willing to say anything and do anything in order to point out viewer's deep seated fears, ideas, opinions, and frights. When Borat first hit theaters, I remember watching as fan after fan left the theater without looking back, obviously offended by what was showing across the theater screen. Thankfully, with Bruno, potential audiences - and especially those who walked out of Borat - will know the type of movie to expect.

    This time, Cohen attacks the fashion world with a finely-honed spear as he aggressively cuts his way through the stereotypes to reveal the thoughts, fears, and ideas the average member of society - be it in Europe or America - has of a *** fashion guru like Bruno.

    The film, like Borat, introduces audiences to one of the many persona realized in Cohen's hilarious and short-lived HBO series The Ali G Show. Bruno, Cohen's high fashion, fashion-forward diva, delivers a raunchy hardcore "behind the scenes" look at the supposed fashion industry in both Europe and America.

    First, it's near impossible to explain exactly what goes on in this film without being lude, crude, rude, or down right despicable. That said, no one exposes people's hidden stereotypes better than Cohen, who pushes the limit to how far one may will go to reveal what other people think.

    Some of the memorable moments of the film include an interview with Paula Abdul, his going on a talk show with his adopted African baby, and a screening of Bruno's latest fashion show which shows some very...interesting...concepts and ideas (including an "exclusive interview" with Harrison Ford!)

    For those who are looking for the same type of laughs as Borat, you may be unimpressed as it seems at least some people have picked up on who Cohen is and why he does what he does. A fairly unknown comedian, Cohen pushes the limits like no one else, but - that being said - he also has invested many of his punchlines on people not knowing who he is or what he's up to. All that changed after Borat...

    Besides the film, a fair amount of bonus material is featured on the DVD, including an hour of alternate, deleted and extended scenes (many of which push the boundary even farther than the film); an interesting "enhanced commentary" with both Cohen and director Larry Charles; and an interesting interview with real Hollywood agent Lloyd Robinson, who reveals he had no idea what he was a part of...

    Overall, while maybe not the same type of humor at Borat, Bruno surely has the same intensity as its predecessor. It delivers plenty of laugh out loud moments - and just as many cringing moments. For those who don't mind some over the top humor, some full-frontal male nudity, and some of the most crass jokes of all time...

    Bruno is available now wherever fine home video is sold.

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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