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    Action Figure Q&A with Randy Falk

    New Line figure news. Clash of the Titans figure license announced. More!

    (Freddy image removed per NECA's request.)

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    Following our in-depth Gears of War Q&A, we bring you another extensive report on NECA's many other exciting projects. In this Q&A with NECA's Head of Product Development, Randy Falk, we'll learn more of their recently acquired New Line horror license, talk of new video games that could receive the action figure treatment, and exclusive news that NECA has been awarded the license to produce action figures from the new Clash of the Titans. Read on...

    When we last spoke with you at Comic-Con, you mentioned that NECA had re-acquired the New Line horror films license and would be producing new figures of Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers. Do you have any news or images to share with us in regards to this and will NECA be releasing a Freddy based on the Nightmare remake?

    Yes, we have re-acquired the rights to Freddy and Jason. Michael Myers is not part of the New Line franchise but we do have the classic Michael Myers rights as well. We are working on figures from the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street (new Freddy Krueger pictured above) and at least two figures will be out for the release of the film with possibly more to follow. We have also begun work on a definitive classic original ANOES Freddy to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Elm Street franchise. There will be more news on both Jason and Freddy come Toy Fair.
    Will the New Line license be its own series or will it be branded under Cult Classics?

    It might be a little of both. If we re-release any classic Freddy or Jason figures they would still fall under the Cult Classics banner or the Cult Classics: Icons assortments that we're having great success with. Any of the brand new figures and tooling we will take on a case by case basis as to how they will be branded and assorted.
    What is the latest word on the Exorcist boxed set? Can collectors still look forward to adding this long sought-after piece to their collection soon?

    I wish I had a definitive answer but due to the economy and lack of specialty retail support we could not produce this set in 2009. We're going to try again for 2010 as it is a set we're very proud of and we know a lot of collectors want to own it. I will keep you posted on any progress.
    We are eagerly anticipating the release of the new God of War 3 game next year and we are just as excited about getting a new updated Kratos action figure to coincide with its release. Can you give us an update on the new Kratos figure? Will the new figure feature the Cestus weapons and extra articulation?

    Sadly, I donít have any good news to share on this. We did create an entirely new Kratos figure with more articulation and the Cestus weapon and we're really proud of this figure. However, certain licensing issues have not made it possible for us to release this figure. Someday in the future we will show you images and details as to what might have been.
    (Perseus image removed per NECA's request.)

    Will the Cult Classics line continue in 2010 and if so, what are some movie characters we can look forward to?

    You will see more Cult Classics: Icons assortments in 2010 because it has been a tremendous success this Fall. By removing some of the larger bases or accessories and using a more streamlined package we have been able to offer a tremendous value at retail. The CC: Icons assortments feature re-releases of fan favorite 7" figures with tons of detail and paint apps with a SRP of $9.99.

    It should be known to the hardcore collectors that the Icons assortments are not geared towards them but more towards the casual fan who may have never seen these figures before. When possible though we will throw in something new or fresh for the collector/completist, like the Beetlejuice in Wedding Tux, which had never been released before.

    For 2010 we're currently looking at two different Icons assortments along with an assortment of Gremlins, all at the $9.99 price point.

    Outside of Cult Classics we're working on at least five different movie licenses for 2010, so we're keeping very busy.
    Aside from the previously announced video game licenses (BioShock, Army of Two, Dante's Inferno), are there any other video games titles you are currently pursuing that you can discuss at this time?

    I can't confirm anything but I can tell you some things that we are looking at and we may have news or confirmations at Toy Fair. Current titles on our radar include Borderlands, Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell, Dead Space 2, Deus Ex 3, and a few more. Plus we plan to expand Bioshock and Gears throughout 2010.
    Is there any chance we may see additional Terminator figures in the future?

    Yes, more at Toy Fair
    You recently surprised fans with a new Conan figure. Any chance we will see more Conan figures in the future?

    "Temple of the Serpent" (Conan) is the next figure and if he does well more are possible.

    It has recently been announced that Toys"R"Us is launching their collectibles pre-order program with NECA figures. Will all of NECA's 2010 collectibles be available for pre-order at the retailer or only select items?

    I believe that Toys"R"Us is doing this with select items, possibly those that fall at the $20+ retail price point like the BioShock Big Daddy Bouncer and the TRU Exclusive Gears of War 2-packs. It's an interesting experiment and I hope it is successful as Toys"R"Us has really supported the cooler collector based figures this past year and they're doing a great job of getting cool figures into the stores that you will never see at Wal-Mart or Target. For the release of the BioShock 2 game in February we will have an exclusive Big Sister and Little Sister 2 pack available only at Toys"R"Us (pictured above).
    Thank you for your time! Any parting words for your fans?

    We thank everyone for their interest and support. It's very gratifying to come to work everyday and help create cool figures and collectibles that people collect, display, and appreciate. Get ready for Toy Fair in February as we have a lot to offer for 2010.

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    Re: Action Figure Q&A with Randy Falk

    Awesome feature! Man, I would love to see an Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2. I was just thinking earlier today how I wouldn't mind owning him in at least 3 different costume colors. Game rules.
    I'm not thrilled about them remaking the classic Clash of the Titans, but damn if that Perseus doesn't look amazing.

    If not for NECA, I'm not sure I would still be an adult collector. When NECA shows up, it's always with their gameface. I don't necessarily agree with what's going on with Dante, but if those other game franchises they've mentioned actually give them the rights, I'm going to be a NECA fan for a long time to come.

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    Re: Action Figure Q&A with Randy Falk

    Oh man, NECA is getting so much of my money next year... lol

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    Re: Action Figure Q&A with Randy Falk

    Wow! Did he say Deus Ex 3!!!!
    I am still a BIG fan of the orginal Deus EX game. Then JC Denton was like what Marcus Fenix is for me today!

    Frankly I too am not so eager abt the Cult Classic..... But will surely buy the new Game figures!!

    Thanks Jeff for another great update from NECA. Always love to hear from my most favourite action figure compay!

    BTW, I see few images removed... any chance or URL where I can have a peek at them?

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    Re: Action Figure Q&A with Randy Falk

    So nothing about the Ninja Turtles, huh?

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