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    HALO Series 7 Revealed

    New characters from HALO 2, HALO 3, HALO Wars, and ODST.

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    McFarlane Toys reveals their seventh Halo action figure assortment. Based on the popular HALO video game universe, this assortment branches out to include characters from the HALO 2 (Tartarus), HALO 3 (Spartans), HALO 3: ODST (Dare), and HALO Wars (Sgt. Forge) video games.

    Halo Series 7 will release to stores nationwide in January 2010 and will include:

    SGT. FORGE - Halo Wars figure comes with UNSC Shotgun, pistol (removable) and two frag grenades.

    ONI OPERATIVE DARE - Halo 3: ODST figure comes with UNSC suppressed magnum and suppressed SMG.

    TARTARUS - Halo 2 figure comes with Fist of Rukt (Gravity Hammer).

    ELITE FLIGHT (YELLOW) - Halo 3 figure comes with Covenant beam rifle.

    SPARTAN HAYABUSA (STEEL) - Halo 3 figure comes with UNSC Rocket Launcher. Exclusive to GameStop.

    SPARTAN SECURITY (ORANGE) - Halo 3 figure comes with two Brute Maulers. Exclusive to Toys R' Us and Toys R' Us Canada.

    SPARTAN ROGUE (BLUE) - Halo 3 figure comes with UNSC Sniper rifle and two plasma grenades.

    WEAPONS PACK - Pack includes Fuel Rod Gun, Spartan Laser, two Spike Rifles, two SMGs, two Shotguns, two Plasma Rifles, two Plasma Pistols, two Frag Grenades and two Plasma Grenades. Exclusive to Target.

    McFarlane hints at a few more HALO surprises in 2010 stating that they are "guaranteed to 'drive' up your excitement". This sounds like it could be the oft-rumored Warthog vehicle fans have been anticipating. Or a Covenant Ghost. Time will tell!

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    Re: HALO Series 7 Revealed

    Sgt. Forge and Tartarus look awesome!! The details are superb!

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    Re: HALO Series 7 Revealed

    I like that they're starting to branch out into these other games (I mean, I guess they kind of have to eventually but still), they look great. That suppressed Magnum is nice lookin. Kind of makes me regret not tearing into this line more, but space restrictions (Gears and 3A are filling up my house!). Might have to start grabbing a few of these though.

    Still trying to find the ODST with the right color scheme.

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    Re: HALO Series 7 Revealed

    they look good sculpt-wise, but I gotta say it looks like they're taking a major step back in the articulation department. Those hips aren't going to give you the same range of motion that you used to have, and believe me I know because they used it on the new mongoose driver sets and it sucks. Not only that, but why all of the sudden are there pins showing on the joints? They've always been hidden before, what's changed? Shouldn't they look better over time and not MORE like toys? Don't get me wrong, I'll still get Forge and Dare and any of the ODST characters they make, I'm just wondering why they decided to go backwards in the design stage. Wave 4(?) Johnson doesn't have any of these issues and he's a fantastic figure with excellent poseability. Why not repeat the formula?

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