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    DC Direct Blackest Night Series 1: ATROCITUS

    Witness the rage of the ultimate Red Lantern...

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    Over the last couple of years, the DC Universe has gotten quite a bit more... colorful. Where once the Green Lanterns shone brightly, the emerald hue has been joined by several others: the yellow of fear, orange of avarice, blue of hope, indigo of compassion, violet of love, and last but not least, red of rage! Each has its own Lantern Corps, along with the undead Black Lanterns, the menace of the current Blackest Night event. The leader of the vicious Red Lanterns is Atrocitus, the last survivor of a space sector accidentally exterminated by the Manhunter Robots, the first servants of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Filled with rage, the mighty creature created the first Red Lantern and set about starting his own army to take part in the War of Light.

    The new Blackest Night series by DC Direct picks up where the Green Lantern line left off, chronicling the iconic heroes and villains of the incredible story. The first series includes members of four different Lantern Corps: Red Lantern Atrocitus, Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Alpha Lantern Boodikka of the Green, and Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman.

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    I'm not a "Lanterneer" ? "Lanternite" ? .... Lantern fan, but this guy rocks!

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