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    Go Hero Atomic Disintegrator Ray Gun

    A true classic ray gun to keep those old school sci-fi fans happy...

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    As I've said many times, I'm a sci-fi geek and love everything from cyberpunk and hardcore military sci-fi to old school sci-fi - like Buck Rogers. There's just something about imagining a future in which the good guys wear rocket backpacks, wield ray guns, and always get the girl.

    Now, thanks to Go Hero, fans can pick up a couple of Buck Rogers collectibles, including this limited gold edition of the Atomic Disintegrator Ray Gun.

    Originally made in the 1930s by Daisy (manufacturer of every child's favorite BB gun!), this 10" metal ray gun was the every child's dream come true. While Daisy originally made a couple of different models - including a Atomic Pistol - it was the Disintegrator Pistol (remade here) that set the standard by which every child of the time dreamed. After all, every hero has a ray gun...

    This Go Hero remake features design elements from both guns, including four fins (called "sub-atomic condensors") as well as a functional trigger which creates a loud "pop" and shoots sparks out of the barrel (which is capped with an orange plug which must be removed before the sparks will be visible).

    No doubt it was this ray gun which inspired every future sci-fi ray gun - including everything from the Stormtroopers' blasters to the futuristic firearms seen in other modern sci-fi films...and now it can once again be yours.

    The Go Hero Atomic Disintegrator proves a hefty piece and feels good in-hand, a solid piece of prop fun. The trigger pull is solid and the sound effect is loud, but not *too* loud. Likewise, the sparks aren't dangerous and are a great kick-back to the old school cap guns every boy (and some girls!) had as kids 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years ago.

    For those concerned about danger, the ray gun prop is completely harmless and shoots no projectiles, so there's no reason why you and your youngster can't get into a ray gun duel or shoot out...though it's more fun to fight the evil aliens than each other!

    The most impressive part of this collectible however isn't so much the gun itself, but the package it comes in. A perfect reproduction of the original, the removable outer sleeve features old school graphics seen on the original 1930's version (above/below).

    Inside, the individually numbered and stamped electro-plated gold metal pistol comes packaged in a beautiful - and I mean beautiful - hand crafted Mahogany finished box made from recycled maple with laser-etched graphics. As an added bonus, the box's lid features magnetic seals which hold the lid on tight and ensure it remains minty mint.

    Other items included in the package are a reproduction of the original die-cast Buck Rogers figure, a reproduction of the 1937 ray gun patent drawing (which will no doubt impress those grown up fans who always wanted one of these as a kid and never got one from mom and dad!), and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

    Officially licensed from Daisy and the Daisy Museum as well as from the Dille Family Trust, for those die-hard fans of Buck Rogers who grew up some 50 years ago and never got one of these...your time has come. Likewise, for those younger fans who've wanted nothing more than a classic sci-fi ray gun that helped inspire an entire generation of kids and adults alike, there's nothing quite like Go Hero's new limited gold Buck Rogers Atomic Disintegrator Ray Gun!

    Be sure to check out Go Hero's website for more information on this amazing piece and pick up yours today!

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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