Direct-to-video animated film gets the 6-inch figure treatment...

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SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES is an original direct-to-video animated film released recently and without missing a beat, Mattel whipped up some action figures to go along side of it. The film tells the story of Lex Luthor becoming the President of the United States who recruits some heroes to work for him. Superman and Batman handle their things the old fashioned way as they team up to find out what Lex is really up to.

Mattel has produced smaller figures as well, but the 6” scale will most likely attract the fans and collectors of DC Universe Classics . Alas, to the anger of many, all are exclusive to Target stores. The first wave consists of four figures: Superman, Batman, Icicle, and Silver Banshee. The latter two goons are only packed one per case so they’re more highly sought after, even though they only provide brief cameos in the film. But of course in true DC Universe fashion, there's a collect–n-collect figure to build: Brimstone. You’ll need to pick up Black Lightning and Major Force from wave 2 to complete him, however.