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    DVD REVIEW: Marvel Animation 6 Film Set

    Avengers, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man and more take center stage...

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    Marvel Animation has finally done it -- they've puts their recent efforts into one big bundle which, for those of us who didn't pick up the individual DVDs, makes for quite an appealing set.

    The 6 film set includes The Invincible Iron Man, The Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2, Hulk Vs, Doctor Strange, and Next Avengers. Each disc includes the regular edition of each film, along with all of the special features.

    The Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2

    Inspired by The Ultimates comic series, The Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2 delivers two very impressive and entertaining films, both rated PG-13. The first follows the storyline from the first comic (in which the Hulk goes on a rampage and must be stopped by The Ultimates) while the second draws inspiration from an alien invasion of the mysterious African country of Wakanda and introduces the Black Panther.

    Both DVDs include the regular edition of the discs, which each include special features, including numerous featurettes ("Avengers Assemble" and "The Ultimates") as well as voice actors search, a trivia track, a gag reel, and "first looks" at Iron Man and Doctor Strange (which you'll obviously be watching in full if you've purchased this set!)

    Avenger fans won't want to miss these two films as they not only provide a way to introduce non-fans to the Ultimate Avengers, but also provide plenty of action, excitement and fun!

    The Invincible Iron Man

    Retelling the origin tale of the armored Avenger in an animated fashion and introducing one of the most interesting villains from the comic's 40+ year history, The Invincible Iron Man keeps things rolling with a cool new story available only on home video.

    For those who enjoyed the live-action film and are looking for more Iron Man or for those who enjoy the comic and want to see more of The Mandarin as well as his henchmen the Elementals, this PG-13 film does a great job presenting an entertaining story.

    The DVD also includes an alternate opening sequence, a "The Origin of Iron Man" featurette, the "Hall of Iron Man Armor," a gallery of concept art, and a "first look" at Doctor Strange.

    For those looking for a great way to expand the story of Iron Man to non-comic readers, this is one way to do it. For those simply looking for good entertainment, look no further!

    Doctor Strange

    An under-rated character looking for an audience, Doctor Strange may finally have found it in this PG-13 animated feature with plenty of action, adventure and excitement (as well as some scares!) The mystical and magic-filled world of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme comes to life in this 95 minute film which finds Dr. Stephen Strange traveling to Tibet to awaken his magical abilities at the hands of the Ancient One. Facing off against both his own worst fears as well as the magical horrors and monsters of various dimensions in this exciting and fun film.

    Like previous discs, Doctor Strange features a number of bonus features including the "Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics," a "Who is Doctor Strange?" featurette which introduces non-fans to this cool Marvel character, a concept art gallery, and a first look at the "Avengers Reborn" (renamed to "Next Avengers") film.

    For those who like the darker, more mysterious side of comics, Doctor Strange is where it's at; there's sorcery, monsters, magic and the supernatural...all wrapped up in a cool film with plenty of action for any fan!

    Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

    While this is my least favorite film in the set, it's still entertaining. A great way to introduce younger fans to the animated world of Marvel (as it's rated PG), Next Avengers tells the story of the children of the Avengers who, in this story, have paid the ultimate price in their battle to stop Ultron the robot. Now, thanks to Tony Stark (Iron Man), the children of the original Avengers must join forces with one another to defeat the foe who killed their parents!

    Featuring a cool cast of new young heroes - including the son of Captain America and Black Widow, Thor's daughter, the Black Panther's son, and the son of the Wasp and Giant Man, no doubt this film - which features youth in the starring roles - is made more specifically for youth, making it - as I said - a great way to introduce younger viewers to the Marvel U.

    Next Avengers features a good number of special features, including "Legacy: Making of Next Avengers," a cool featurette kids will enjoy called "Kid Power: Next-Gen Marvel," and a "first look" at "Hulk vs Wolverine" (renamed "Hulk Vs").

    For those adults with children who want to introduce - slowly and with less violence, scary imagery, language, and sensuality - Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is a great way to do that and will no doubt entertain both kids and adults alike.

    Hulk Vs

    Probably my favorite of the Marvel Animation features, Hulk Vs introduces the Hulk we all know and love - one with hate, fear, and anger pent up inside...and a desire to take it out on anything and everyone in sight. Enter Wolverine, the toughest, most viscous mutant around, and Thor, questionably the most powerful superhero in the Marvel U, and you've got yourself a battle for the ages.

    Featuring both films, die-hard Hulk fans probably already own this. A number of cool Marvel U characters make an appearance, including the previously mentioned Wolverine as well as other X-Men favorites like Deadpool, Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth. Likewise, a number of Asgard favorites, including Thor, Loki, the Warriors Three, Hela, Sif and even Odin. For those looking for a cool cast of Marvel favorites, this is where it's at...

    Special features include audio commentary on both films with writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, a "first look" at Wolverine and the X-Men series, a "first look" at Thor: Tales of Asgard feature and a trailer gallery.

    Rated PG-13 for "action violence" and "bloody animated violence," fans - and non-fans alike - won't want to miss this battle royale!

    Again, for those who didn't pick up these films individually, now's the time to get them all in one slipcase set. With a suggested price of $49.98, fans should be able to find this for around $35 or less, making this a steal for all 6 movies (essentially $6 each or less!)

    Marvel fans unite and get this set today!

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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