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    Hot Toys MMS Planet of the Apes Soldier, Captain and General

    "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

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    2008 was the 40th anniversary of the original Planet of the Apes and leave it to a company like Hot Toys to make some of the finest - if not the finest - action figures based on the classic sci-fi film. Three figures - apes no less! - are now available and die-hard fans of the original film will apprecaite the high quality of these collectibles.

    Each figure is packed in the usual Movie Masterpiece Series slipcase window box which features impressive images of the individual figures along with a logo from the original film. Like all MMS figures, each comes package in a plastic, form-fitting sleeve that shows off the figure along with all accessories. Like a good majority of MMS figures, the plastic sleeves are collector-friendly, meaning each figure can be repackaged easily. Overall, solid, attractive packaging that rivals any on the shelves.

    Each figure is expertly sculpted and perfectly detailed to include everything from real hair on their heads to leather-like jerkins and vests. Amazing in the amount of simple beauty - including sculpted pieces on the cloth bandoleers, sculpted buckles on the boots, and more - the accuracy is amazing.

    Each figure includes film accurate details - including the clothing, armor (above) and even facial sculpts - which again give collectors who fell in love with this classic film a beautiful figure they'll enjoy for a very long time.

    Each figure includes a variety of accessories, including...

    Gorilla Solider (above) includes his rifle, a bandoleer with ammo pouches, a club, a key, a backpack, a man catcher (one of my favorites!) and a base.

    Gorilla Captain (above) includes a rifle with removable magazine, pistol with holster, bandolier with ammo pouches, a backpack, a man catcher, a flag, interchangable hands, and a base.

    General Ursus (above) includes a removable helmet, a rifle with removable magazine, a pistol, interchangeable hands, an authentic character likeness of General Ursus with real hair, and a base.

    Each figure includes the Hot Toys' True Type body, which is well-articulated and features over 32 points of articulation. As each figure includes cloth clothing, few of the articulation points are hindered by the armor and/or clothing.

    If you're a fan of Planet of the Apes, the real question isn't if you should buy these, but why you don't have them yet. Beautifully crafted and accurately representing three of the most iconic characters in the original 1968 film, each retails for approximately $120.00.

    Featuring amazing detail, impressive articulation, film-accurate accessories and clothing and real hair head sculpts, the Hot Toys' Planet of the Apes figures are - at least for die-hard fans and sci-fi buffs - not to be missed.

    Be sure to check out the photo galleries below for images of these three figures and check out our fine sponsors to order yours today!

    Gorilla Soldier - 18 images

    Gorilla Captain Photo Gallery - 27 images

    General Ursus Photo Gallery - 31 images

    - Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Talking Re: Hot Toys MMS Planet of the Apes Soldier, Captain and General

    As a kid (I was 8 when this move came out), I would have gone "APE" over these.

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