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    Hot Toys MMS Terminator: Salvation John Connor

    Hot Toys brings humanity's future savior to life in 1/6th scale...

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    Hot Toysí Terminator Salvation MMS95 John Connor is finally here to save our collections! After T-3ís (Rise of the Machines) less than stellar reception, fans were really exited when the Terminator Salvation trailers starting airing. Many have waited sends 1984 to see more of ďThe Future WarĒ that has mesmerized and horrified us from the start. Finally, with an entire movie dedicated to just that hitting theaters earlier this year and slated to hit Blu-ray and DVD this fall, many of us could hardly wait. Weíd follow John Connor as he rises through the ranks and gets one step closer to being the great military leader he is destined to be.

    However, even though I liked the movie, it wasnít well received in the U.S. and didnít even break even at the box office. All wasnít lost though because it made more than double the domestic amount overseas. Love it or Hate it, Terminator Salvation was here to stay. More importantly, it spawned an entire line of Hot Toys figures that are so incredible, words donít do them justice.

    Again, Hot Toys created a new design specifically for their Terminator Salvation line that coincides with the feel of the movie. The package is highly stylized and yet it maintains its original purpose of protecting the figure. It has and outer sleeve thatís not as large as what weíve become accustomed to, but thatís only because Hot Toys wanted to draw attention to the main package itself. The main packaging material is made of compressed Styrofoam, and has all sorts of detailing ďembroideredĒ into it. Even though the foam is exposed to damage during handling, it is sturdy enough to keep the figure safe.

    Furthermore, I must add that the package is really sturdy, so itís not like it will get damaged during regular handling. The sleeve hugs the foam nicely, and helps to keep the two halves of the main packaging together. It also has a nice print of various images of the figure, a short character bio, and associated licensing information. One thing I noticed is that hot Toys misspelled the word ďSCALEĒ in the figure description. I think that these kinds of mistakes can be easily avoided with a simple spell-check. Other than that small error, the packaging is a nice collectable within itself. Iíve already seen many collector use is as a cool backdrop/diorama for their figures.

    Even though there was a delay involving the figureís head-sculpt, it was well warranted because this improved head-sculpt is simply outstanding!
    Arguably, it looks just like Christian Bale and itís not until you see the figure in person that you can really appreciate it. Hot Toys captured everything from the texture of the skin, wrinkles on the forehead, to the facial hair and stylish chinstrap goatee. To summarize things, itís Christian Bale incarnate even down to his intimidating glare. Make sure to order your figures now, because a head-sculpt this great is sure to become a milestone in the world of 1:6th collectables.

    The figure can take on every Terminator collectible on your shelf and survive with ammo to spare.

    First off, the figure comes with a pair of sculpted boots. While the lasses are sculpted, they are nicely executed as they appear to be wrapped around the boot at the top. The pants are weathered to look like Connor wore them to hell and back.

    The knee pads are made of real rubber and appear to be tailored to the pants. Connor also sports a black body shirt underneath his ďpleatherĒ jacket. The jacket is extremely well done as almost everything is double stitched. It also has an inner lining that accurately represents wool insulation. Furthermore, while some have expressed concerns about the jacket deteriorating, it seems like thereís nothing to worry about as long as the figure isnít exposed to the elements. Additionally, the figure comes with one pair of hands with sculpted gloves. The gloveís fingertips are made to look like they have been cut off, and both hands sport trigger fingers. To round things off, Connor bears the identifying Resistance patch and red armband around his left arm.

    The figure also includes a Tactical full body harness, Headset, Radio, six M4 magazine pouches and seven magazines (above), 2 Pistol Magazine pouches and three magazines, one shotgun magazine, four Demolition blocks, a Drop leg panel (above), a grappling hook and launcher, spring loaded pistol, M4 rifle with spring loaded shotgun attachment, and finally a wrist harness, knife and knife sheath...everything needed to whoop Sky-Netís butt!

    The only thing to look out for is the weak Velcro used by Hot Toys for their figures. They donít grip as well as one would like, so be careful not to drop and lose anything under your sofa because of the ďLazy-Velcro/ not-so Magic TapeĒ.

    The figure comes with one of Hot Toysí True-Type bodies, so you can get the figure into an unlimited amount of poses. The one thing to look out for would be the wrist pegs. Mine are OK, but caution is needed when handling the figure because he pegs seem to be the weakest link in Hot Toys True-Type bodies. Furthermore, the tailoring and accessories are also nicely made and do not interfere too much with the figureís pose-ability.

    Hot Toys hit another Home Run here in the paint department. The prior head-sculpt left a lot to be desired, but the improved one is ridiculously cool! Overall, the figure looks like it has seen many battles and on the whole seems very weathered. However, the paint application on the head is what really makes the figure stand out. Connor has a dirty, sun burnt, under groomed paint application over the larger areas of his face.

    In addition, the eyes have a nice sheen to it with just enough of a fleshy area around them to make it worthy of a spot in a wax museum. They say a picture says a thousand words, but thatís of no consequence when a figure like this merits 3K or more. Seriously, itís that good.

    Again, thereís one thing to look out for. The beard on some figures seem to have varying levels of paint application an the beard, making it look a little inaccurate. Itís basically blind luck if you order the figure and get the one you want, but if you have the opportunity to scan the figure before you buy it, I suggest you do.

    Hot Toysí Terminator Salvation John Connor retails for $139.99 and is a steal if you can find one for less. The head-sculpt and accessories alone make it worth the price, so when you consider the tailoring and the fact that itís John Connor Ö.. itís really a no brainer. Fans of the franchise will love this figure, fans of Hot Toys will also, and those just looking to pick up a cool military figure will love it as well.
    My suggestion to everybody whoís considering getting one of these is to place an order now before itís too late. This figure is sure to become a grail to some in the near future, so get yours before itís too late.

    Be sure to check out over 85 photos HERE!

    Photos and review by FACEBOX

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