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    Bandai Ben 10 Alien Force - ALIEN X

    "X" marks the spot for alien fun...

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    Just in time for Season Three of Ben 10 Alien Force on Cartoon Network, Bandai has released the next set of figures in the Ben 10 Alien Force Alien Collection line of 3-4 inch figures. Containing a foursome of bizarre aliens, the wave is long awaited for completing not only the ten standard Alien Force Omnitrix aliens, but also the villains of the second season. Unfortunately, Bandai is also re-releasing a bunch of existing figures and the new ones are short-packed, so good luck finding them. The star of this new set is clearly Alien X, Ben’s most powerful alien transformation and a dynamic figure!

    For this new wave of Alien Collection figures Bandai has taken the traditional packaging (standard cardback and bubble) and tweaked it just a bit. The shape and layout are the same, and the coloring is very similar. New for these figures is a lighter background with more green and additional alien silhouettes, while in front of the figure the insert has a new action shot of Ben Tennyson and a much cooler look. Alien X is shown bursting forth from the Omnitrix, while previous characters just had disembodied heads floating over the Omnitrix. The sticker in front of the figure has another change, announcing the inclusion of an exclusive trading card instead of the usual miniature clear figure. The back of the card shows many of the other figures in the line, including the other three new additions: Highbreed, Gorvan, and a new Upchuck.

    Fan speculation about Ben Tennyson’s 10th alien transformation began as soon as the Alien Force series premiered. The opening of the show showed each alien, but the final one was just a mysterious silhouette. The world would have to wait until the season 1 finale for the reveal, and it was very interesting. The alien in question is none other than Alien X. Quite possibly the most powerful being in the universe, Alien X can manipulate matter and his thoughts become reality (sort of like Q on Star Trek). Their species, the Celestialsapiens, has left this plane of existence for grander things, and so Alien X is likely the last remaining vestige of their race. Why doesn’t Ben always use this powerful form, you’re asking? Well, it turns out Alien X is “controlled” by an inner committee of disembodied heads who never agree on anything. It took a great deal of persuading by Ben for them to save the day even once, and he has vowed never to become Alien X again.

    Alien X has a unique design that stands out even in the crazy universe of Ben 10 Alien Force. Roughly humanoid, the Celestialsapien appears completely made up of “star stuff,” a black void dotted by tiny white stars. The alien’s head is distinctive with three prongs jutting from its forehead and two bright green eyes. While not immediately apparent from the animation, the Alien X figure also has sharp elbow spikes. He’s on the tall side for Alien Collection figures, with a “V” shaped torso reminiscent of Justice League Unlimited figures.

    While it might not be obvious at first glance, there are some interesting things going on with Alien X’s sculpt. There’s musculature evident on the figure’s chest and arms, while both knees and elbows have spurs that hide the joints a bit. The rest of the powerful being’s body and head are smooth, except for the sculpted triangular eyes and head spikes. Like all Omnitrix aliens, X wears the device on his chest.

    The Alien X figure is composed entirely of a translucent dark gray plastic, suspended in which are tiny shiny flakes. I was very curious to see how Bandai would replicate the starry look of the alien, and this is definitely more satisfying than black with white dots (or some such). The solid look is broken up only by the black and green of the Omnitrix on his chest and the solid green eyes. Alien X has good articulation, especially for the Ben 10 line. He has joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees allowing for multiple posing and display options. He’s also sturdy enough for the younger fans to enjoy.

    Alien X is a great figure; as the most powerful individual in the universe, he’s got to be! With a unique look and good articulation, he’s a great addition to any Ben 10 collection. With Alien X, the main Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix aliens are complete, and he’ll go great with the other current releases like Highbreed (if you can find them!).

    For more photos of Alien X, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

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    Ben 10 games are those that are based on the American Animated series that is produced by Cartoon Network studios. The series involves the life of a 10 year old boy Ben and his cousin Gwen and their granddad Max.

    Ben 10 Games Online
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    The Ben 10 alien force action figures are no exception. In fact, if you're just creative and eager to look for supplies out of the extensive range of database of the toy, you can be assured of buying something real and worthy.

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