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    INFINITY GAUNTLET Fine Art Theater Statue

    Koto pays tribute to popular Marvel storyline.

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    There are certain timeless comic stories which, no matter when they were released or how many times they’re read, they never get old -- DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, Valiant’s Unity, and – of course – Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet. Thanks to Koto’s acquisition of the Marvel license last year, a number of impressive statues and busts have been released, including this amazing Fine Arts Theater piece which includes 20 characters from the Marvel Universe’s Infinity Gauntlet storyline, including all of the major players. (Writer’s Note: As the piece we received for review is an artist’s proof, we did not have an opportunity to examine the packaging).

    SCULPT: Sculptor Keiji Iwakura sculpts the visage of over 17 characters instrumental to the Infinity Gauntlet storyline here, including all of the main players. With Thanos, the storyline’s key villain raising the Infinity Gauntlet and gems above his head as the statue's centerpiece, the heroes, engulfed in Dr. Strange's mystical cloud, include the Sorcerer Supreme himself, a bearded Thor, Iron Man, Spider-man, and Captain America. Likewise, the Silver Surfer flies his way into action while Adam Warlock strands ready to command the heroes into action on the statue’s right side.

    The base of the statue itself is sculpted to represent Thanos' temple honoring Death and features beautifully-sculpted skulls, bricks, and even the image of Death topped by a burning flame. The back of the temple base features the carved images of the Cosmic Entities featured in the storyline, including Galactus, Living Tribunal, Uatu The Watcher, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Love, Hate, Kronos, and The Stranger.

    While less "busy" than the Indiana Jones Fine Art Theater piece, this piece looks somehow less professional and detailed. While still beautifully rendered, the Infinity Gauntlet Fine Art Theater statue somehow looks incomplete. That said, any die-hard fan of the 1991 storyline and its main characters will appreciate what’s been done here.

    PAINT APPLICATION: While paints on any mass produced collectible in this scale with this much detail is going to have its flaws, this piece's paints impress. The paints on the individual figures include everything from pupils in the eyes to shaded and detailed costumes and skin textures.

    The reds of Dr. Strange's, Thor’s and Adam Warlock's capes, the blues on Captain America's, Spider-man's, and Thanos' costumes, and the silver white of the Silver Surfer's entire body and board all catch the eye and impress while the darker, stone-like paint applications on the temple base give it an aged, relic-like look.

    While there are numerous places on the statue where paints could improve (including bleeds around the hero's capes and a few minor facial details which are inconsistent), considering the scale of the statue (the full statue is only 9.5" tall and most figures are less than 3" high), the painting is pretty darn good.

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: With a suggested retail price of $199.99, this piece is overpriced. Like most collectors, my eyes search out the dynamic, the extraordinary, and the breath-taking. Sadly, none of these describe the Koto Infinity Gauntlet Fine Art Theater statue. Impressive? Maybe. Detailed. Sure. But – for $200 – a piece that’s only 10" high better take my breath away and make me jump up and down. This doesn't.

    Unless one is a dedicated Marvel fan who's looking to complete his or her collection with a representation of the Infinity Gauntlet characters all in one piece or one finds this for less than $115, most fans are going to look elsewhere for their favorite representations of these characters. Again, diehard fans of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline might pick this up to own a single piece which represents their favorite comic story.

    For more photos of this statue, check out the photo gallery HERE.

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Sample Courtesy of Kotobukiya

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