New versions of old favorites, recent additions and essential team members...

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The 33rd Series of Marvel Minimates includes new versions of your old favorites, recent additions to the Marvel Universe and essential team members from Marvel's substantial archives.

The first two-pack in this oft-requested assortment contains two of the most powerful Asgardians ever to roam Midgard in their new signature looks - Thor and the newly-voluptuous Loki.

Spider-Man's friends and foes make a cameo as well, with two all-new characters featured in the critically-acclaimed "New Ways To Die" - the anti-hero Anti-Venom and the menacing Menace.

The final two-pack combines fans' love of all-things Phoenix with their love of evil robots - more specifically Rachel Grey as Marvel Girl and the nefarious Sentinel army builder. A special chase two-pack will also be included in each assortment, - featuring the Sentinel with a slightly younger Rachel Summers in her classic Excalibur "Hound" costume!

In addition to the standard removable and interchangeable pieces, the Sentinel army builder featured in this wave will also include a special "Sentinel Army" design feature - allowing you to partially customize your own Sentinel Squad in either modern or retro styles.

Look for this new assortment in comic stores early next year.