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    REVIEW: Hot Toys Classic Batman TV Series - BATMAN & ROBIN

    Holy Collectible Figures, Batman!...

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    Holy Collectible Figures, Batman! The dynamic duo from the 1960s have finally made it into sixth scale collectibles and they are HOT! It took some time before the Classic Batman TV Series would hit it big in the collectible market but in the past year weíve seen many offerings from Mattel and NECA. Itís these 12Ē figures from Hot Toys though, that really take the cake. Based on the likenesses of Adam West and Burt Ward, these two figures will surely please any Batman fan.

    Looking at the packaging, weíre immediately treated to some eye-popping visuals. The 60s campy style is taken to a whole new level here with an illustrative look, a great match to the time period. The Batman Classic TV Series logo graces the front of both Batman as well as Robin, with the obvious differences being their portrait and their matching colors (blue for Batman, red for Robin). Beyond the slip cover, we have a standard box with window displaying the wares.

    Inside the box, youíll find the usual large plastic tray with lid protecting all the contents. Plastic wrappings on the feet and hands provide the more annoying aspects of opening your new Hot Toy, but if it keeps the toy safe and sound during transit, Iím all for it. Now, thereís something new about the inner box this time around as it serves as a display piece in itself. The box replicates the outside of a building, complete with opening window. Batman and Robin can do their famous sideways climb up the side of the wall, if you so choose to.

    Batman is the pricier figure between the two, but itís also because of the extra interchangeable lower face sections. Held in with a magnet, Adam Westís classic facial expressions are all here to plug in to complete the perfect likeness of Batman. There are three expressions to choose from: a closed mouth, slightly opened mouth, and a ready to punch/teeth gritting mouth. The mask and cowl are dead on, and the eyes are completely lifelike.

    Thereís only one masked head for Robin but thatís all you really need. He does have a slight pouty face though which isnít what I would have gone for but his likeness to Burt Ward is definitely there.

    Batmanís body uses the TrueType body with at least 30 points of articulation. The legs unfortunately are slightly limited in motion because of the restrictions from the Batsuit but most of the other joints are pretty free to roam. If I did have one nitpick it would be that Batmanís gut needs a bit of padding. Adam West was never in that great of shape but I suppose this is a more idealized figure.

    Robin features a newly developed smaller frame body with the same amount of articulation but stands at 11 inches tall. Because of his exposed arms, heís only given a single elbow joint which restricts the amount of arm positions he can do.

    On the accessory front, both figures come with a few items but itís really about the onslaught of interchangeable gloved palms. Batman comes with thirteen while Robin comes with ten.

    Batman comes with the following: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed palms, one pair of dancing gesture palms, one pair of open palms, one pair of partially-clenched palms, one right palm for holding Batarang, one right palm for holding spray can, and one left palm for holding Bat-Radio. The hands are painted the blue-purple cover on the back of the hand while all the inside of the palms are black.

    Robin comes with the following: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed palms, one pair of partially-clenched palms, one pair of holding palms, one right palm for holding Batarang, and one left palm for holding Bat-radio.

    Batmanís Batsuit consists of a dark purple cape, yellow utility belt with metal Batman emblem, one pair of dark purple forearm gloves, and one pair of dark purple boots. Robinís suit comes with a yellow cape, black and bronze colored belt, green forearm gloves, and green shoes.

    One of the neat aspects about Batman and Robin here are the snaps on their capes and the back of their suits. This allows you to decide how you prefer their capes displayed. If you want Batmanís cape to be draped over his arms and chest, simply adjust the snaps and youíre good to go. These snaps are delicate though so I advise extreme caution when making your adjustments. A strong tug might yank it clean off.

    Batman additionally comes with his Batarang, Shark Repellent Spray, Big Bomb, Bat-Radio, and a figure stand with Batman nameplate and logo.

    Robin comes with a Batarang, Bat-Radio, Bat-Cuffs, and a figure stand with Robin nameplate and logo.

    Together, this dynamic duo makes for a solid pair on your display shelf. Hot Toys has delivered quite possibly the finest toys based on the classic TV series ever, but it wonít come cheap! Batman will run you about $205 while Robin is about $190. You will not find a better classic Batman and Robin than these right here.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hot Toys

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