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    REVIEW: NECA 1/4 Scale Batman: Arkham Origins BATMAN

    Armored Up and Looking Tough...

    The figure comes packaged within a tall and slender multi-colored window box with an really cool illustration of Batman alongside the official Arkham Origins logo on the front panel. The box is surrounded by multiple images of the figure in various poses showcased on the side panels and an oversized image of the figure and game logo on the back. While the majority of the figure can be seen through the plastic window, the accessories and cape are kind of hidden but they are there.

    The abundant amount of twist ties on this figure is annoying but they are a necessary evil in order to keep this heavy and oversized figure nice and snug in itís cardboard prison. it should only take you 15 minutes or so to loosen all of them if you do it by hand or you can cut that time down to seconds by using some heavy duty scissors instead!

    Batmanís accessories are housed within a plastic clamshell which is attached to the left hand interior panel of the box. The accessories consist of a batclaw with removable articulated claw , a batarang, 1 gripping left hand to hold the batarang, a gripping right hand to hold the bat claw and a pair of closed fists.

    The Batman figure features over 25 points of articulation starting with the shoulder pads which feature a hinged joint under the chest armor allowing a wider range of movement to the shoulders. The arms feature ball-hinged joints at the shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows and and ball socket wrists. The waist sits on a swivel providing the upper torso to be turned left or right and the head sits on a ball-socket allowing the head to be twisted and angled in various ways. The figure features some heavy duty ratcheting ball-hinged joints at the crotch which is very useful for oversized figures such as this as it helps to prevent the figure from falling over due to itís weight. The crotch piece and utility belt are made of a flexible rubber material which does not limit the range of movement on the upper thighs. The double-hinged knee joints are nice an tight and the feet are slightly moveable.

    The level of sculpted detail on Batmanía armored suit are amazing and very video-game accurate. The suit consists of various shades of grey on the armored plates that accentuate the matte black under-suit beneath.The metallic-colored utility belt is very detailed and provides a nice contrast to the rest of the suit. The sculpted details on the gauntlets and the layering and striping of the under-suit look great. The amazingly detailed head sculpt is also a home run for NECA and looks exactly the same way as Batman is portrayed in the videogame.

    The cape is made of a thick cotton that hangs naturally on the figure. The edges of the cape are pointed with the middle portion being the longest area while the edges becomes shorter as it expands outward. Unfortunately, the cut of the cape is a bit narrow and cannot be spread out wide enough to come around Batmanís shoulders but it still looks great on the figure.

    The batclaw can be attached to the back of the utility belt by clipping the weapon onto the removable plastic clip. This will allow you to store the oversized weapon out of plain sight while keeping it on the figure. The interchangeable left hand is made specifically for holding the batarang and allows for the weapon to be slid in between the fingers and remain in its place without falling out of the hand.

    The right closed-fisted hand can also be easily swapped out for the additional gripping hand specifically made to hold the batclaw. The batclaw looks great in Batmanís hand and the claw attachment features hinges allowing you to open or close each individual tip.

    The talented folks at NECA set out to deliver the ultimate Arkham Origins Batman figure for collectors and they have clearly achieved that goal by leaps and bounds! This incredible 1/4 scale collectible figure is shipping to specialty and online retailers now so keep your eyes peeled for it as it is sure to sell out in the blink of an eye!

    Review, Video and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

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