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    REVIEW: NECA's 1/4 Scale Thor: The Dark World Figure

    The Odinson in Gorgeous 18" Plastic Figure Form...

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    There's little doubt to any true Marvel Comics' fan who the mightiest warrior in all the Marvel Universe is...


    The son of Odin the All-father of Asgard and Gaea of Midgard, wielder of Mjölnir - one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel U - and the heir prince to the throne of the Nine Realms, Thor is a warrior born, a hero raised, and a mainstay of the Avengers since their inception. A cosmic defender and main character in the on-going and ever growing Marvel Studios film series, Thor makes for a collector's dream. Now, NECA has made the perfect addition to every Marvel, Avenger and Thor fan's collection with the 1/4 Scale Thor: The Dark World figure.


    With packaging designed by Chris Longo and like previously released NECA 1/4 scale figures, the Thor figure comes securely wired in place inside a durable window box package with eye-catching graphics on all sides. The front and sides of the package features the chest armor and hammer design along with lightning detailing while the back features the flowing cape design as well as a character and figure description and a full photo of the posed figure. The window box packaging provides fans and collectors a small look at the figure's face and chest while inside, a relief for those who seek the best paint applications. Overall, the packaging securely houses the figure as well as provides a perfect match to the character design.


    Featuring sculpting and fabrication by Trevor Zammit, Chris Gawrych, David Silva, Kyle Windrix and Jason Frailey, the Thor figure stands a full 18" tall and features screen-accurate detailing and some of the most impressive sculpting in NECA's 1/4 scale line. The layered Asgardian armor throughout the shoulders, chest, and abdomen look beautiful while the minute sculpting throughout the legs - specifically the thigh armor and boots - is not only perfect, but simply shows the amount of detail the sculptors at NECA include in their figures.

    Maybe most impressive is the sculpted hair (above), which here features the small, screen-accurate braids and pony tails which adorn Thor's mane. While the facial sculpt may not look like Thor film star Chris Hemsworth from every angle, it always looks Thor the Odinson - high cheek bones, a firm jaw, furled brow and light beard (below).


    The paint applications here beautifully capture the look of the Asgardian prince thanks to NECA artists Jon Wardell and Geoffrey Trapp. The armor is made up of layered parts and portions in dark blue, royal blue, and gold which match the hero's costume from the film. Thanks to the shading and highlights - especially across the face and hair (above) - the figure's sculpt has depth and looks truly impressive.

    The face and hair feature some of the best paint applications; the darker shading and highlights make the hair as life-like as possible. The flesh tones across the forehead and cheeks looks realistic and the beard, like the hair, features darker shading to bring out the detail.


    To ensure Thor can be posed in a variety of battle-ready positions, the figure features a variety of useful articulation. In total, the figure includes 18 points of articulation: pin wrists, pin and hinge elbows, twist biceps, ball-joint shoulders, ball-in-socket neck/head, twist waist, ball-joint hips, cut thighs, double-hinge knees, and hinge ankles.

    Each of the points of articulation provides useful movement, especially throughout the arms, the neck, waist and hips. While most collectors will no doubt pose Thor in a static position, it’s good to know he can strike a pose to strike down his foes.


    Thor needs few accessories though he is no doubt partially defined by his weapon of choice: Mjölnir. Forged by the dwarves and featuring an uncharacteristically short handle, this weapon made for and only Thor is no doubt one of the mightiest anywhere. Likewise, this Thor figure features a removable cloth cape which, thanks to the ingenuity of the figure designers, makes removing or replacing the cape simple. Two small, removable armor plates on the figure's chest pry off, thus allowing collectors to replacing the armor plates with or without the cape draped over the figure's shoulders.


    With a suggested retail price of around $100 (and a sale price of between $85 and $95), NECA's 1/4 Scale Thor: The Dark World Figure is an amazing addition to any Marvel fan's collection. If you're one of the fans who's purchased both of NECA's previously released Avengers figures - Iron Man and Captain America - you'll no doubt want to add Thor to the collection. And even if you don't own those two but you're a fan of the Odinson, the NECA's 1/4 Scale Thor: The Dark World Figure is a big, bold and brilliant figure to have on display.

    Be sure to check out our PHOTO GALLERY with over 65 images of this mighty figure!

    Be sure to purchase your own NECA's 1/4 Scale Thor: The Dark World Figure at one of our fine sponsors or wherever fine action figures are sold.

    - words and photos by Jess C. Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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