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    REVIEW: Nevermore Toys Legendary Monsters MISSOURI MONSTER

    Kickstarter-Funded Toys Come To Life...

    There are some pretty cool monsters lurking in the shadows of the modern world, kept alive through stories and folklore. These are creatures like the Slenderman, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and others. And while these are interesting legends with fanciful and horrific appearances, not a lot of them have made their way into toy lines. Thatís changing lately, and one of the leaders in the field of cryptozoological toys is Richard Broadwater, the mastermind behind Nevermore Toys ( and Legendary Monsters (and designer of many toy lines and video games).

    Launched on Kickstarter last year (, the Legendary Monsters campaign sought to bring four of these creatures to plastic in fully painted and articulated figures, and thanks to over 220 backers pledging over $16,000 they are becoming a reality. The lineup of this first series included the Jersey Devil, Mothman, Chupacabra, and Missouri Monster, which I recently received.

    The Missouri Monster comes in a wooden crate-style package that looks pretty darn good. On the front panel is artwork of the creature, with a lineup of all four from this series on one side. The back panel has the real life history of the Missouri Monster legend and a link sending you to the work in progress website for Nevermore Toys. Inside, the figure is attached by twist ties to a simple cardboard insert. As part of a way to expand interest in the line beyond just toy collectors, Broadwater also made the Legendary Monsters into a game; each figure comes with a high quality card so you can fight other creatures.

    I will admit that I was hesitant about the quality of a toy created through Kickstarter, but Iím very happy with the Missouri Monster. It stands at a respectable 5 Ĺ inches tall and has a really cool look to it, kinda Bigfoot-esque but with a lean build, long limbs, and a very distinctive neck-less head.

    The sculpt is solid, basically consisting of an allover fur texture with plenty of variations in length and thickness on different body parts. I especially like the long, feathered areas around the hands and feet, and the face, despite being mostly a mass of hair, has lots of character. The Missouri Monster is almost entirely a dark grayish color (that ainít so easy to photograph) with some subtle shading, and nice hand painted details include its red eyes and blood splatter on its chest.

    The figure has surprisingly good articulation as well, featuring ball-jointed shoulders plus joints at the elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. Thanks to big, heavy feet the Monster is very stable and can hold poses quite well. The only real issue I had is that on mine the shoulder joints are a bit loose, but as you can see from the photos itís still poseable and can most likely be fixed with home remedies.

    If youíre a fan of cryptids or monster figures and you missed out on the Legendary Monsters Kickstarter, you should probably give these guys a look. As very limited run, hand painted figures theyíre not cheap at $25, but Iím really digging my ďMomo.Ē It has a great look and nice articulation, and it nicely towers over figures in 3 ĺ scale or blends in with 5 inchers. I canít wait for my Jersey Devil, and Iíll be watching future Nevermore Toys releases with great interest.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

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    Thumbs up Re: REVIEW: Nevermore Toys Legendary Monsters MISSOURI MONSTER

    As one of those 220 backers, it's an amazing feeling to see this toy and know that I helped make it happen. I've wanted this line ever since I first saw it right here on over a decade ago. And now it's finally here!!

    Hats off to Nevermore for never, ever giving up on this line. I hope this will encourage others who had great designs & ideas but not the retailer support or money to pull it off and inspire them to maybe give the Kickstarter crowdfunding route a try too (*cough* I'm talkin' to people like you, Wheaty Wheat Studios with yer "Girlz 'n' Monsterz" line, hint, hint ).

    I ordered the full set of these, but this one is actually a little too small for my collection. So I'd love to see Nevermore do a campaign for an upscaled 9" version of this Missouri Monster too. I would DEFINITELY buy that!

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