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    REVIEW: Exclusive BREAKING BAD Walter White (Orange Hazmat Suit)

    A Bold Figure Variant, Just Like The Hit Series...

    The great thing about action figure collecting is that there are so many different genres represented. There's a little something for everyone, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy and drama. If it's a popular subject, odds are that an action figure exists. Hit television series' are no different, even ones you'd never suspect toy collectibles from. Remember McFarlane's LOST? Now you can add AMC's hit series Breaking Bad to that list. While widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time, action figures of a high school chemistry-teacher-turned-methamphetamine-maker NEVER crossed my mind. Oddly enough, despite the show's mature drug-themed storyline and unassuming appearance of the lead character, Mezco Toyz makes it work.

    The character in question is none other than Walter White. Perfectly portrayed by Bryan Cranston, Walter's downward spiral from innocent father and school teacher to megalomaniacal drug lord is what had viewers tuning in to Breaking Bad for five consecutive seasons. Walt featured many (mostly unassuming) looks on the show, from his iconic underwear-in-the-desert scene, to his more recognized porkpie hat-wearing Heisenberg alias. While I am surprised Mezco hasn't recreated the former in figure form, the toy company has produced a Heisenberg figure, and equally as popular, Walter White in his meth-making hazmat suit. Various colorways have seen release, including yellow (SDCC'13 exclusive w/ flyswatter and Los Pollos Hermanos slipcover), green (Previews and NYCC'13 exclusive) and black ('13 Black Friday exclusive w/ Vamonos Pest slipcover). Online retailer now joins the figure fun with their store exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White in Orange Hazmat Suit. This figure is in-stock and shipping now priced at $34.99.

    Unlike the blister carded Heisenberg and Previews exclusive Green Hazmat Suit figures, Toynk's Orange Hazmat Suit exclusive is a deluxe figure that ships in a closed window box with slipcover. The slipcover here features the yellow "Vamonos Pest" logo on a dark green background. Those that missed out on the extremely hard to get Black Friday figure will be pleased to finally have a chance to own this variant slipcover packaging. Slipping off the cardboard sleeve reveals the window boxed figure and all its accessories. Included are two clear lab flasks (erlenmeyer and volumetric for all you chemistry nerds), a translucent jug, and the deluxe figure extra: a white steel drum. Collector friendly, the figure and all the components slide out for easy removal and future storage on a plastic tray. About the only downside to this otherwise attractive pack is the lack of an exclusive sticker. Nothing on the package says "exclusive" or even "Toynk" for that matter. That and a size run would go along way in making this figure a whole lot more, well, exclusive.

    "Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change." - Walter White

    Aside from choosing a well-known appearance to base their Walter White figure on, Mezco HAD to nail the head sculpt. A popular TV series character that no one recognized would spell instant disaster. Not only did Mezco opt for one of Walter White's most iconic looks (nothing screams meth-maker like a hazmat suit), but their sculptors did a fantastic job of capturing actor Bryan Cranston's likeness - shaved head, facial mole and all. What brings the realistic portrait home is Mezco's inclusion of a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. The tiny specs are actually removable, giving collectors two great display options. With or without the glasses, this figure's head sculpt is 100% Walter White.

    Taking the whole figure into consideration, Walter White stands 6 inches tall, and as the Toynk exclusive's name implies, comes dressed in a Toynk exclusive bright orange hazmat suit. Yellow was by far the most commonly seen color on the show, and while I don't ever recall Walter wearing orange, the color practically screams "dangerous chemicals". The blaze orange hazmat suit is bold and flashy, perfect for a color pop on your display shelf.

    As many Breaking Bad figure collectors are already aware of, Mezco's Walter White is NOT articulated. Not even a basic five points of articulation articulated. This is a plastic statue through and through, so those that like to pose their figures might be turned off. That's not to say you can't "play" with this collectible. As some of my photos go to show, you can have some great fun displaying Walt with a variety of other figures. Of course I was just being silly, but my point remains the same - a figure doesn't have to move in order to look good on display. Anyone that sees this Toynk exclusive in your collection (which they will, you can't miss that awesome orange hazmat suit!) should IMMEDIATELY know who it is. If they don't, you may need to find new friends, preferably ones that have seen Breaking Bad. It's only one of the best shows ever made.

    And that's precisely one of the reasons this figure will appeal to collectors. Not only is the Exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White (Orange Hazmat Suit) a must-have for completists, but its the perfect way for collectors new to the line to display their love of the show. Yellow may be the most iconic Breaking Bad hazmat suit color, but good luck finding that figure exclusive (or affording it). If you want the next best thing, orange is definitely where it's at.'s exclusive Breaking Bad Walter White (Orange Hazmat Suit) figure is in-stock priced at $34.99.


    All Photos by Jeff Saylor

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