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    TF14: Mega Bloks HALO

    2014 Is The "Year Of The Micro Action Figure"...

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    Mega Bloks has been creating incredible construction toys that have evolved greatly in the last couple years, with a huge focus on the Halo property. This year they're really pushing the envelope with fan-favorite and inspired sets that combine to create what they're calling the "Year of the Micro Action Figure!" The cool Halo mini figures are getting major upgrades in 2014 with removable and interchangeable UNSC armor, increased articulation (figures are now able to aim weapons with both hands!), and an unprecedented number of named characters from the Halo universe. Of course, these figures are backed up by the high quality and intricate vehicle and terrain sets you've come to expect from Mega Bloks. Continuing sub-lines in Halo expand on some of the coolest and most popular elements, notably the New Mombasa Police Department with the Police Cruiser, Cyclops, and Police Hornet (all in NMPD deco and with appropriate figures). The Micro-Fleet series, which come packaged in collectible MKVI helmets, extends to the Warthog Attack, Falcon Conquest (with blue sniper Spartan and brand new weapon), Hornet Assault, and Mantis Invasion. This reporter's favorite, the Drop Pods, continues as well with four metallic versions that carry both UNSC and Covenant forces.

    There are tons of new items, figure sets, and vehicles on the way, so we'll take some quick hits to go through all of the news:

    • The large Flood Invasion set includes part of a base, two marines, new Flood Tank figures, and a unique Ghost, the first ever infected vehicle!
    • Mega Bloks adds its own designs to the Halo universe with sets like the UNSC Quadwalker
    • Among the named characters appearing this year are Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis, both coming in the Spartan Assault Battle Pack. Also in the Armory Pack lineup are Covenant and Forerunner sets featuring a new Brute Miner and Crawler Snipe with Drone. Meanwhile, Troop Packs bring new UNSC armors like the Oceanic, Aviator, and Gungnir!
    • Mid-range vehicle with figure packs introduce the super cool Wombat Drone with controller, while Emile from Reach arrives with his own All-Terrain Mongoose. At the next level up Mega will offer the Flame Warthog with hot paintjob and two Gungnirs in red and yellow

    One of the centerpieces of the Halo display at Mega Bloks was the sweet UNSC Auto Mantis Attack set featuring a full-size in scale mech with a ton of special features! The set includes a classic Xbox-themed remote control unit that lets you operate the upper body of the Mantis; it swivels, moves its arms, launches projectiles from one arm, and has more movement plus lights and sounds. Make sure to pick up this set and be the king of your office warfare.

    Lastly, we get to the truly big stuff. The Broadsword is the latest UNSC flying vehicle of war to appear, and it comes with an all star lineup of battle-damaged Master Chief, Cortana, and in-scale Didact that lights up! The largest standard Halo set coming this year is a new Elephant, one of the coolest construction toy vehicles we've seen in a long time and equipped with a ton of features. The recovery vehicle and troop transport comes with a whopping six figures including Carter and Jun from Reach. Lastly, Mega Bloks has a new Signature Series item on deck as chosen by the fans... and it's huge! 2014 will see the release of the Scarab, designed with communication with fan builder Goodwill Hunter. The Scarab miraculously utilizes all currently existing pieces and will be self-supporting (a tall order with this huge vehicle). Accompanying it will be the Prophet of Regret, two Ceremonial Guards, Master Chief, and an armored Jackal. While we couldn't take photos we got to see the Scarab at Toy Fair and it was amazing!

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