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    TF14: NECA - The Best Of The Rest

    POTA, Halo, Rambo, RoboCop, More!...

    Aliens. Predators. Pacific Rim. Bioshock Infinite. We tried to bang out as many big stories as we could on NECA in the opening salvo of Toy Fair, but there's still so much to talk about!


    As has been made abundantly clear well before Toy Fair, NECA has the license for both the classic Planet of the Apes (movies and TV series) and the new movies (Rise and 2014's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes). Figures from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will kick things off this May in acticipation of the movie's release this July. Series 1 will include Caesar, Koba, and Maurice. Classic POTA series will follow in July, Series 1 launching with a Gorilla Soldier, Cornelius and Dr. Zaius (rock me Dr. Zaius!). A Gorilla Soldier 2-pack is also planned (fans saw the Farrow sculpted head sculpts HERE).


    NECA's nod to classic Mego figures kicked off strong last year with Freddy and Jason. Featuring a retro figure body, real cloth outfits, modernized head scupt and gorgeous packaging art, this nostalgic series will continue on strong in 2014 with some great new additions. New figures on display included the previously announced Evil Dead 2 chainsaw-armed Ash, a new Deadite Ash (August release), a new sack head Jason from Friday the 13th Part II (July), first-ever Jason figure from Friday the 13th Part V (July), and because we all know how big of a Maiden fan NECA's Randy Falk is (and Maiden does rock), Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" Eddie (July).


    Two big reveals here: a painted prototype look at the Arkham Origins Batman figure (May release) and the Toy Fair debut of The Joker as played by the late great Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (July release).


    How do you top ED-209 (over 100 photos HERE!)? You really can't, but NECA is releasing what may be the definitive classic RoboCop action figure. Taken from RoboCop 3 (yeah, not the best in the series, but Robo had a cool look!), the new figure will star a jetpack, gun arm and as a very cool bonus, a Cobra Assault Cannon! Look for the figure this June.


    Sylvester Stallone went all, well, Rambo in his action-packed sequel to First Blood, breaking out the big guns and saving some POWs in post-war Vietnam. NECA's newest figure will be John Rambo as he appeared in Rambo: First Blood Part II; bare chested, red bandana and toting a M60E3. Look for Rambo II this June with more variations (rocket launcher anyone?) to follow.


    A surprise new license for NECA announced last November (see HERE) was HALO. In addition to cool DOT-approved motorcycle helmets (sadly not on display), mini figures (Scalers), prop replicas, board games, and HeroClix miniatures games, NECA will be releasing a very nice Quarter Scale Master Cheif. An unpainted prototype was on display and the detail on this figure looked stunning. Set to drop this June, the 18" MC will come packing his trusty Assault Rifle and Magnum Pistol.


    We saw this amazing figure at San Diego Comic-Con last year, and it still looks amazing! Fans don't have too much longer to wait as this figure of Diablo ships this May. I asked Randy if fans could expect to see action figures of the player classes and he stated that they are considering it. NOT a definitive "yes," but not a no either. Fingers crossed! Asked if we will see any other Blizzard games receive the NECA treatment and mum was the word. I told Randy I'd flip if we got a StarCraft Terran Marine. Fingers AND toes crossed.


    Good news on the Valve front is that the long-awaited Portal 2 robo duo of Atlas and P-Body are nearing release this May. NECA had quite a challenge on their hands trying to replicate these little guys and their complex array of working joints and pistons. They even feature a light-up action in the figure and portal gun! Team Fortress 2's Engineer and Spy also made an appearance in Team Red colors, the pair of figures set for release this April. NECA's getting closer to completing the team! I asked what else Valve fans could expect to see in figure forum. The Left 4 Dead series is unfortunately over as sales of the cool infected figures did not meet expectations. Half-Life, however, still has the possibility of action figures. Fingers, toes and whatever-digits-I-have-left crossed we get a Combine Soldier and/or Headcrab Zombie!

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