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    TF14: Bandai America Power Rangers

    Unlock The Power With Legendary Ranger Keys...

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    Re: TF14: Bandai America Power Rangers

    This line continues to disgust me. Nothing but boring Rangers and no villains for them to fight.

    To start off with I'd like an adult collector oriented, nicely detailed & articulated 7" scale Rita Repulsa. Both US (Carla Pérez) and Japanese (Kikumi Umeda) versions would be cool. -- This could easily be done with variant heads or even just variant faces (like Bandai already does with some of their One Piece figs).

    And a huge 12" or 18" Dark Specter would be a must-have for me.

    There are many other monsters & villains they could make, including Diabolico, Vypra, Queen Bansheera, Triskull, Darkonda, Trakeena, Astronema, etc., etc.

    That is what I want to see, not more freaking Rangers!

    edit: Or if it's a matter of only making characters from the current series, then how about Creepox or Bluefur at least?
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    Re: TF14: Bandai America Power Rangers

    I dunno, are Bandai Japan and Bandai America both really Bandai or is Bandai America just basically Bandai in name only?

    I used to just think of Bandai Japan as the company that made those shoddy el cheapo vinyl Ultraman monsters, but lately they have really been impressing the hell out of me with some of their lines (Monster Arts, Garo, Ultra-Act, One Piece, Gundam, etc.) and I have been paying the big bucks to get them over on this side of the Pacific.

    But Bandai America seems to be just locked in a "kiddie market only" mentality.

    Come on people, wake up!!
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