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    REVIEW: Hot Toys MMS179 The Amazing Spider-Man

    An All-New Spidey for A Whole New Generation...

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    With the upcoming sequel to 2012's The Amazing Spider-man hitting theaters on May 2, Hot Toys once again releases a highly sought after figure with Peter Parker/Spider-man from The Amazing Spider-man. Now, fans and collectors can own their own Spider-man/Peter Parker based on the latest live-action version of the character.


    As with other Movie Masterpiece Series figures, Spider-man comes in an attractive and durable cardboard box with the front of the package featuring Spider-man in full costume and in action over the city skyline and the back of the package featuring the figure posed and the creative and design information. The interior of the package includes the main figure, all parts and pieces in a clear plastic tray molded to ensure each part and piece is stored, protected and secure.


    Based on the True Type 12" Body, the Amazing Spider-man figure features two sculpted heads, multiple sculpted hands and four sculpted webs. No doubt the most impressively sculpted piece here is no doubt the Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker head sculpt, which was brought to life beautifully by Im Jung Hyuk.

    The head sculpt perfectly captures actor Garfield's deep-set eyes, large hair, prominent brow, broad face and pointed chin. The Spider-man head too captures the look of the web-slinger with full mask on; the red mask with black webbing and gold, insect-like eye lenses (below).

    The hand sculpts fortunately capture various poses which will impress fans of various display options, including five total pairs of hand, including one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of fists, one pair of cobweb "slinging" hands, and one pair of climbing hands.


    The sculpted portions of the figure - to include the head sculpt, hands and cobwebs - feature impressive paint applications to ensure the accurate blending of these sculpted parts to the total costume (mentioned more below, in the OUTFIT/COSTUME section). The paint applications by artist JC Hong ensure the Garfield sculpt looks alive; the eyes especially look like they're looking right back at you as you stare at the figure.


    The outfit and costume here accurately reflects the on-screen design and features a red and blue colored Spider-Man suit with an embossed black cobweb pattern and dark blue spider icon on chest. This along with a pair of red boots with an embossed black cobweb pattern completes the look seen on-screen in the in the 2012 film.

    Designed here in 1/6th scale by artist Hai Lim, the tight body-suit fits snugly over the True Type 1/6th scale body. This unfortunately limits the mobility and poseability of some of the joints, specifically the shoulders and hips. While the limited poseability will disappoint those die-hard fans who're looking to capture the most dynamic of poses seen in the film; the body suit still allows many impressive action poses and positions (seen above and below).


    As previously mentioned, the figure uses the slim True Type style 12" body, which features over 30 points of articulation, providing a generous amount of articulation. Unfortunately, many of the first production run feature shoulder problems - specifically fragile construction - which, when combined with the tight costume/suit and fans desiring to pose the figure with the arms overhead lead to broken shoulder joints. The tight bodysuit limits the movements in the shoulders especially; but not so much that the figure loses its appeal. The figure can and will still strike an impressive number of action poses which will no doubt impress fans and collectors.


    The figure includes only four real accessories; two different sets of cobwebs which attached to the figure's wrists to provide the appearance of the character shooting his signature webslingers. Impressive in design and form, these webslingers provide fans wishing to pose the figure with cobwebs in full operation (above, below).


    With a retail price of $205, most casual fans will probably pass on purchasing this figure. With few accessories, a fairly simple design, and varied quality control issues with the first production run's shoulder articulation, fans who aren't dedicated to collecting Spider-man will probably spend their money elsewhere. That said, die-hard Spidey fans no doubt already own this figure and have him posed on their shelf. Likewise, fans who greatly enjoyed the 2012 film and are anticipating the forthcoming sequel will want to pick up this figure to add to their collection.

    With an simple yet impressive design, a solid amount of useful articulation, accessories which compliment the figure perfectly and based on such a cool character, the Movie Masterpiece Series 179 The Amazing Spider-man: Spider-man/Peter Parker figure is a great addition to any die-hard Web-Head fan's collection.

    Be sure to pick up your own Hot Toys MMS179 The Amazing Spider-man figure wherever fine figures are sold.

    Be sure to check out the Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man Photo Gallery for more impressive images of this figure!

    - words by Jess C. Horsley
    - photos by Luka Zou
    - review sample courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys

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