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    REVIEW: Sideshow DIABLO Statue

    Evil Never Looked So Good...

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    My introduction to Blizzard's hit Diablo series came last fall with Diablo III for the Xbox 360. The extremely polished and addictive hack-n-slash loot-fest deserves all the high praise it receives. To celebrate this third entry in the franchise, Sideshow Collectibles has unleashed the main antagonist from the game: the Lord of Terror, the Prime Evil, Diablo itself. Standing an impressive 20 inches tall atop a rocky base, Sideshow's Diablo statue is the epitome of demonic awesomeness; a stellar example that you don't have to know a thing about the subject matter to appreciate this amazing collectible. Wicked sculpt aside; this collection centerpiece incorporates a brilliant light-up feature that reveals Diablo's fiery inner evil.

    Sideshow's Diablo statue is now shipping and is available to order HERE priced at $349.99. Fans can take advantage of a payment plan for as little as $175.00/month.

    When Diablo arrives on your doorstep, it's definitely an "OH WOW" moment. The box for this statue is extremely large - tall (about 30 inches) as it is wide (22"). The height made sense - this is a 21 inch tall statue - but the width of the package threw me for a loop. However, once I opened up the inner Styrofoam clamshell tray, I quickly had my answer: the Diablo statue is carefully wrapped up and spread out in pieces. As I pointed out in my Boba Fett Mythos statue review HERE, modern statue making is truly at an all-time high. Thanks to advanced modular construction systems, practically any design imaginable can be realized in statue form. Diablo, with his multitude of thin protruding spines, would be impossible to cast as a solid sculpture. But by using strong steel rods and powerful magnets, the ability to assemble the Prime Evil as a statue is as easy as 1-2-3.

    Like Boba Fett, Diablo consists of a large round solid base on which the main body plugs securely into. This is achieved by a thick metal rod in one foot and a cylindrical connector on the other for the light-up feature (more on that later). The rest of the assembly process involves a vast array of appendages and spears that either plug into the torso or base with metal rods or attached via strong magnets. Thankfully, Sideshow provides an illustrated instruction sheet to walk you through the steps. While the instructions are clear, you'll want to pay close attention to part placement, especially when it comes to the two breast armor pieces and back spikes. Note the unique holes and connection pegs to ensure you have the right part in the right place.

    In building Diablo, I found all the magnetized pieces (tail, arms, breast armor) went on nice and firm, though I did encounter two instances of a plug-in back spike not attaching as tightly as I would like. They weren't so loose that they would just fall out, but I feared that an accidental bump could send the piece plummeting. A little dab of poster putty did the trick. It goes without saying, that while construction of the Diablo statue is rather solid, it is still a fragile sculpture consisting of many individual delicate pieces. I don't recommend moving this sculpture around, except to the spot where you plan on displaying it.

    Ah, but once assembled and on display, Sideshow's Diablo statue stuns with amazing sculpt and detail. In fact, I really don't blame you if you stop reading now and simply gawk at all the pretty photos HERE. The gorgeous Diablo statue is a prime (PRIME Evil!) example of the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words". Diablo's head sculpt is what really attracts me to the piece, the demonic portrait anchoring the design with its radiating horns and snarling expression. Everything else just erupts and flows outward in a grand expression of power and control. which is ultimately what Diablo represents in the game series. After finally playing Diablo III (my first experience with the franchise), it struck me as unusual that you really only see Diablo in the game as the final boss battle. For the poster child of the game, you'd think he'd have more screen time. But that's the real beauty of the titular creature - Diablo acts more as an evil presence - a force - that permeates every aspect of the game. I just found it interesting as an outsider coming in. And speaking of outsiders - for those thinking Diablo is a she, you'd be wrong, despite all outward appearances. Diablo is a he, his feminine appearance in Diablo III a result of using a female character (Leah) as a host towards the end of the game.

    As if this statue couldn't get any better, it does with the addition of a neat light-up feature. I've stated in past reviews that gimmicks like lights and sounds don't do a whole lot for me. They are something you try out once or twice and call it a day. I thought I'd feel the same way with Sideshow's Diablo statue, however the light-up feature is so effective and well hidden that it ultimately comes across as a cool bonus extra... even if you only turn it on once or twice. The main power supply is located in the sturdy display base. Simply remove the battery compartment door and insert three AA batteries (sadly not included). To activate, first make sure Diablo is plugged firmly into the base. The cylindrical left foot connector I mentioned previously needs to be planted squarely in the corresponding port for power (evil power!) to flow through the statue. To turn on, look - or rather feel for - the protruding round nub towards the back - near the tail. You'll know it's the right one if it depresses in and "clicks" on. The beauty here is that the on/off button totally blends in with the sculpt, looking identical to the four other nubs that ring the base. It can be a little awkward groping around for the button, but I LOVE the fact that it is so well concealed. What's not to like about a light-up feature that you can't even tell is there? No harm, no foul.

    Even better is that the light-up feature is actually pretty dang cool. Once clicked on, it stays on, brilliantly illuminating Diablo's main head, shoulder mouths and chest. It's like a stained glass window effect, the yellow/orange light emitting from all these fine cuts in the sculpt, including Diablo's eyes. Too cool. The only critique I have is that I wish the lava between the cracks on the rocky base also lit-up. It'd put it over the top. As is, I'm surprised I like Diablo's light-up feature so much. The gimmick doesn't distract from the statue at all, but actually enhances it, making it a great conversation piece when you have guests over.

    In closing, Sideshow's Diablo statue is a collectible that pretty much speaks for itself with its elegant composition and stunning sculpted design. The light-up feature, while not totally necessary, does add extra oomph to an already powerful piece. The light-up feature also doesn't appear to affect the pricing too much. Comparing the Diablo statue ($349.99) to Sideshow's Boba Fett Mythos ($324.99) shows two sculptures of about equal size and complexity, a $25 difference that can be attributed to the lights (and perhaps Diablo's slightly more intricate sculpt). Either way, you get your money's worth with this piece. Sideshow's Diablo statue is an amazing way to display your love of the game... or celebrate your attraction to wild creature designs. While I can now say I'm a dedicated Diablo III fan, seeing this statue advertised in late 2012 blew me away long before I popped the game disc in last fall.

    Sideshow's Diablo statue is now shipping and is available to order HERE priced at $349.99. Fans can take advantage of a payment plan for as little as $175.00/month. The statue is limited to 2000 pieces.

    Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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