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    REVIEW: Hot Toys QS001 The Dark Knight Rises ¼ Scale Batman

    Hot Toys Introduces Fans to the World’s Finest ¼ Scale Figure...

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    Chris Nolan’s Batman film trilogy accomplished something few expected; not only reintroducing fans to the Batman franchise, but helping everyone – including die-hard comic fans and Hollywood studio executives – realize a comic franchise could be shown in a serious manner on the big screen.

    Enter Hot Toys collectibles company, bringing to life pop culture action figures and collectibles in their on-going 1:6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series. For those dedicated to collecting the characters seen in the film, it doesn’t get any better. Unfortunately, the Batman series of MMS figure drew to a close in 2013. However, for those who have to have the finest Batman figure available, there’s nothing better available than the recently released Hot Toys QS001 (Quarter Scale) Batman from the final film in the trilogy; The Dark Night Rises.


    As with the other Quarter Scale (QS) series figures, the Dark Knight Rises Batman comes inside of a simple yet attractive package which features a slipcover over the top of the collector-friendly package. The exterior feature the recognizable Batman cowl on the front with the film and figure’s name while the interior of the package features the figure and smaller accessories housed inside a form-fitted foam layer with the large-scale base and base pieces held securely in place in the molded plastic second layer (under the foam). Overall, the packaging accomplishes everything it should: the simple yet attractive design attracts the eye while the inside holds each and every part in place until it can be opened and displayed.


    Batman has been and continues to be a pop culture icon…and even more so now with the conclusion of Nolan’s brilliant film trilogy. Now, the latest Batsuit as seen in the last film is brought to life in beautiful ¼ scale three-dimensional form thanks to the creative and talented artist at Hot Toys. With art direction by Kojun, this 18” figure accurately captures the Batsuit from The Dark Knight Rises and features uniquely armored parts and pieces which look more impressive than ever in this larger scale.

    Likewise, with a head sculpt by Kojun and Kim Yong Kyum and a head painted by JC Hong, the figure is nothing if not impressive. The QS001 Batman ¼ Scale Figure features three interchangeable head sculpts: one Batman head with Hot Toys’ patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), which provides collectors with a variety of display options thanks to eye movement; one alternative Batman head sculpt featuring the sonar vision device with light-up eyes (button activated); and a third Bruce Wayne head which accurately captures Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne as seen in the film. Also included are four interchangeable lower jaw/face pieces which provide collectors four unique facial expressions for Batman to wear. These fit both the PERS Batman head sculpt and the Sonar Vision Batman head sculpt.

    The head sculpt is complimented even further by the magnificent paint applications. The textured skin and sculpt truly come to life thanks to the flesh skin tones, glossy eyes, pink/red lips and black hair (above). Likewise, the paint applications across the whole of the Batman figure ensure the figure is film accurate both in shape and color. Each individual armor plate is molded in the suit’s color with detailed highlights on parts and portions.


    Featuring a fully-poseable 18” body with over 30 points of articulation under a fabric costume covered in plastic armor pieces, the Hot Toys QS001 The Dark Knight Rises – Batman can be posed in a wide variety of positions. This provides collector with near countless display options, especially when combined with the variety of head and facial sculpts and weapons and accessories included here.


    As Hot Toys’ Quarter-Scale line of figures is as deluxe as it gets, QS001 Batman includes each and every weapon seen in The Dark Knight Rises, including Batman’s fabric cape, flight pack, a pair of forearm gauntlets with blades, a fully functional utility belt (which allows for accessories to be attached), a grapnel gun, a sticky bomb gun, a ultrasonic cutter, a radiation detector, three batarangs, one mini-mines and – maybe most impressive – a button activated LED light-up EMP gun. Likewise, the Special Edition Version of the figure includes a Batman cowl (above).

    Each and every accessory can be held in one of the figure’s various hands. The figure includes a total of three pair of interchangeable gloved hands, including one pair of fists, one relaxed right hand, one open left hands, one right hand for holding the guns and one half open left hand. Together, these six different hands provide for nine different hand/fist display combinations.

    As previously mentioned, the figure also includes the flight pack as well as the sticky bomb gun. Both are seen for a short time at the start of the film and, though only on-screen for mere minutes, their appearance marks a unique high tech tool used by Batman in the accomplishment of his over-seas mission. Here, the sticky bomb gun can be folded into its compact form and stored on Batman’s utility belt. This provides for another unique display option that’s well worth mentioning as it makes for an impressive display of Hot Toys’ technical engineering. This truly shows how dedicated the collectibles company is to fans, bringing to life the most screen-accurate representation of pop culture icons in action figure form as possible.

    Last, but certainly not least, the QS001 Batman figure includes a massive, detailed diorama base which helps place the character in the film’s setting. The base includes a steel pylon and rock base along with three of Batman’s Villain Gallery masks: a Joker’s mask, Bane’s mask and Scarecrow’s mask. Again, these provide unique display options for fans of these villains.


    With an original retail price of approximately $475 and now more widely available for $525+, this is a piece for the truly dedicated Batman fan. The price will no doubt scare off casual collectors and separate the die-hard Dark Knight fan boys from the simple fans who enjoy the occasional cartoon or comic.
    With a variety of accessories (and thus, display options) and some of the most detailed sculpting and paint applications in any Hot Toys figure to date, there’s no doubt Hot Toys’ fans will love this latest addition to the Dark Knight series of collectibles.

    While there’s no doubt there are other Batman figures, statues and busts are available for far less – or far more – money, there’s nothing like owning an action figure of this caliber. Poseable thanks to the articulated 18” body and fabric and plastic costume and featuring interchangeable head sculpts, accessories and weapons, the Hot Toys QS001 The Dark Knight Rises – Batman makes for one of the finest collectibles of 2013. Still available at various online retailers, it won’t be long until this figure is hard if not impossible to find at retail price. And no doubt secondary market prices will skyrocket as an appearance by Batman in the next Superman movie has been confirmed. Look for Batman to only continue to grow in popularity and look for even more fine Batman action figures and collectibles coming in the future.

    Look for the Hot Toys QS001 The Dark Knight Rises – Batman wherever fine action figures and collectibles are sold.

    Be sure to check out our PHOTO GALLERY for 25 photos of this impressive piece!

    - Sample provided by Hot Toys

    - Review by Jess C. Horsley
    - Photos by Luka Zou

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