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    The Staff Picks Their Favorites...

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    Every year the staff at, as well as the team, reflects back on all the cool toys that came out and joined our collections. Presenting our annual TOP 10, a personal look at our favorite collectibles of 2013.

    Reflecting the unique individual collecting tastes of our team, this year’s top toy picks were a diverse bunch. However, certain collectibles did stand out – great toys popping up more than once on our lists. Hot Toys continued to amaze, with their 1:6th scale Hulk knocking our socks off in size and sculpt. NECA’s toy treatment for Pacific Rim was also a very popular pick - both 7-inch and towering quarter scale figure formats delivering cool robot and monster might. Hasbro breathed new life into Star Wars collecting by finally giving fans what they’ve been clamoring for – a detailed “Black Series” of 6-INCH action figures. Last but not least, Mattel’s long-awaited Castle Grayskull teleported us back to our youth with a massive modern take on the classic playset.

    Join us as we celebrate another incredible year in action figure collecting...

    - Jeff Saylor and the On-Line Team


    JEFF SAYLOR Editor

    The coolest new collectible license for me this year was Pacific Rim. I found the mechs and monsters in that movie infinitely more appealing than Tony Stark’s gazillion new armors (though I did enjoy his third film). Aside from Guillermo del Toro’s magnum opus to geeks, the only other licensed toys that excited me came from older properties. Classics like Aliens and Predator (thankfully) continued to receive collectible love, while my interest in Star Wars was renewed with an abundance of must-have Boba Fett items. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the legendary bounty hunter made my list, not once, but three times! Now if only JJ Abrams can bring Boba back for Episode VII…

    (In No Particular Order.)

    #1 - NECA PACIFIC RIM 18" GIPSY DANGER (Read the review HERE!) - Pacific Rim was one of the most amazing films I saw this year, fulfilling my fanboy desire to see giant robots AND giant monsters duke it out on the big screen. It was like the REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups of movie nerdom. NECA's entire series of 7" Pacific Rim action figures were phenomenal, the pop culture toy maker proving to collectors that they make killer robot/monster toys just as well as Japan's mecha/kaiju veterans. While I eagerly await my favorite Jaeger - Russia's Cherno Alpha - to see release next year, the good ol' U.S. of A's Gipsy Danger stole 2013 for me as a GINORMOUS 18 inch action figure. This toy brought me back to my youth with its towering Jumbo Shogun Warrior size, but it was the 18" Gipsy Danger's stellar modern sculpting and articulation that absolutely rocked the adult collector in me. Everyone should own at least one NECA 18 inch figure in their lives just to experience the colossal awesomeness... and if you have to pick one, make it the 18" Gipsy Danger. Giant robot toys don't get any cooler than this.

    #2 - GENTLE GIANT KENNER STAR WARS JUMBO BOBA FETT (More photos HERE!) - Speaking of big toys... Gentle Giant's Jumbo Boba Fett was pure nostalgic bliss for this old Star Wars collector. A blast from the past, this faithful reproduction of 1980's exclusive rocket-firing Fett (I still have the original!) featured something the mail-away figure never did: an actual rocket-firing jet pack! Action gimmicks aside, it was Jumbo Fett's vintage-style blister card that sealed the deal. While collector-friendly, having Boba Fett hang on my wall in his mammoth-sized retro packaging is so much cooler than displaying him loose. Seeing something that was so small and familiar - SUPER-SIZED - is a real head turner.

    #3 - SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES STAR WARS BOBA FETT MYTHOS STATUE (Read the review HERE!) - Oh my, what a BIG gun you have! Seeing one of your favorite characters made even cooler is always, well, COOL. I didn't think Boba Fett could get any cooler than he already is, but Sideshow's fan-tastic designers did just that with their incredible Boba Fett Mythos Statue. It's all in the details. Aside from the big honkin' sniper rifle, Sideshow gave Boba a wardrobe tweak with the addition of a kama half-kilt (LOVE that look!) and get this: three lightsabers strung on his belt! JEDI lightsabers. That tiny detail right there puts Boba Fett on a new plateau of badassness: He actual took down THREE JEDI! Unless he found them... but hey, that's not how Boba rolls.

    #4 - HASBRO 6-INCH STAR WARS BLACK SERIES BOBA FETT - Hey, it's Boba Fett again! What can I say? I REALLY like the Mandalorian bounty hunter. He's like the Mad Max of the Star Wars universe. And he's only been available as 3 3/4" and 12" action figures... until now! Yes, unless you've been sleeping under a rock this year, Hasbro announced their new 6 inch Star Wars Black Series, a radical new direction for the fan favorite franchise. While I don't plan on collecting them all in this new and exciting scale, I had to have my main man Boba. This figure is so surreal to finally own, looking fantastic with his realistic battle-worn sculpt, real cloth cape, trademark jet pack and blasters. The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Boba Fett was a darn good figure too, packing an additional Han Solo in carbonite. However, it wasn't THAT cool: Secondary market demand brought in enough for me to buy five retail Fetts (and I only needed one). Evidently Jabba the Hutt's not the only one willing to spend a small fortune on Han.

    #5 - SQUARE ENIX METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE PLAY ARTS KAI RAIDEN - "Revengeance" - what exactly does that mean? I guess it just sounds cool, which is fitting for a game that stars the super cool cyber soldier Raiden. While the game didn't do anything for me, Square Enix's almost 11-inch tall Play Arts Kai Raiden action figure did. Like my 2012 favorite Cyborg Ninja, Raiden just oozes stealthy future-tech with his mechanical armored muscles and arsenal of cutting edge blades. This figure came in a rainbow of colors - from a standard black edition, PREVIEWS red, and SDCC exclusive blue. Raiden looked killer in every color scheme Square Enix released, but I opted for the Comic-Con blue, pretty much because I was there and was instantly sold on how amazing the figure looked in person.

    #6 - NECA PREDATOR SERIES 8 - JUNGLE PATROL DUTCH (Read the review HERE!) - I can't pick this figure up without uttering Arnold's famous line "If it bleeds, we can kill it". This is 100% Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most memorable movie roles. NECA knocked it out of the park with their past Conan and Terminator figures, but the sculpted likeness of Jungle Patrol Dutch is mind blowing real. The cigar-chompin' "Jungle Extraction" isn't a slouch either, but the definitive Dutch look for me has always been muscled and sleeveless, packing an M16 and screaming "Get to da choppa!"

    #7 - FUNKO POP! ALIEN (More photos HERE!) - Not everything I collect is hyper-realistic and serious. I also love stylized and whimsical. Funko's adorable POP! vinyl figures having been doing an excellent job of filling that void, especially with my favorite movie xenomorph, ALIEN! It's just so damn CUTE! And at the bargain POP! price of only $9.99, how could I refuse?

    #8 - NECA ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES HICKS AND HUDSON (Read the review HERE!) - "Game over, man!" I admit it, I didn't initially care for Hudson's perpetually wigged-out head sculpt, but the longer I owned this figure (and after rewatching the movie for the umpteenth time), NECA's choice in portraits was perfect. It just sums up Bill Paxton's character so well. Hicks is a dead ringer too, the figure capturing Michael Biehn's deadpan expression flawlessly. And the outfits! NECA's sculptors didn't miss a beat, every personal armor flourish present, from Hick's "Born Again" and padlocked heart, to Hudson's "Contents Under Pressure" and cartoon eyes… it's all there in miniature detail. Pulse rifles at the ready, these two insanely articulated action figures are just what this ALIENS fan has been craving in 7-inch scale.

    #9 - KIDROBOT FLIGHT (KANO) & POST-APOCALYPSE (HUCK GEE) DUNNYS -While I admire the creativity of the designer toy scene, I also despise the pretentious air of it all. Toy hipster I am not. That said, I still know a cool toy when I see one, even if it is an overpriced pain-in-the-@$$ toy to get. Kidrobot’s popular Dunny series impressed me with two killer designs this year, one from artist kaNO and the other from Huck Gee. Both shared a rad robot theme (surprise!) and both required a solid connection to get the specific blind-boxed character I wanted. kaNO’s Flight Dunnys delivered vintage Transformers nostalgia with his bold use of G1 colors. Thanks to my co-worker and friend Scott Rubin, I received the red, yellow and blue one (also a nice nod to Gundam). On the other hand, Huck Gee brought forth mecha mayhem with his Post-Apocalypse Dunnys… modified missile launcher hand included. Again, thanks to Scott, I scored my favorite: the rare lime green/white robo-Dunny. Have I been bit by the Dunny bug? Nah, but these two little guys certainly rock my collection.

    #10 - DC COLLECTIBLES NEW 52 SUPER VILLIANS - BLACK MANTA - Stiff articulation and a high $25 price tag made this purchase hard to swallow, but ultimately the New 52 good looks of the Black Manta won me over. I'm not a huge superhero figure collector, but I do have my favorite characters that I indulge in on occasion. Black Manta is one of them, solely based on his menacing masked appearance. He just looks SO cool! This figure features an incredible sculpt and some great accessories to boot, like the twin swords that he can holster on his back.

    Honorable Mentions:

    * October Toys OMFG! Series 3 (Read the review HERE!) - By the early eighties, I wasn't invested too heavily in toys. Playing D&D, programming on my Commodore 64, and other nerdy pastimes had started to take over. Because of this, I never really got into M.U.S.C.L.E., those pink, and odd collectible minifigures that were all the rage. I always thought they were cool, however. So when October Toys started a Kickstarter for their similarly themed O.M.F.G. (that's Outlandish Mini Figure Guys for those thinking otherwise), I invested because I thought it'd be fun to get into a line I missed out on as a pre-teen. And at $10, how could I say no? Well that was three years ago. With Series 3 being fully funded and released this year, OMFG has gone from a small five figure trip down memory lane to a full-blown assortment of fifteen crazy characters. My Series 3 favorites Barbarianaut and TenCan are great on their own, but when displayed with the entire group, it becomes the cool M.U.S.C.L.E. collection I never owned.
    * ACI 1:6 Roman General, Roma Victor (Read my review HERE!) - Despite the generic name, we all know who this truly is: Russell Crowe from Gladiator. 'Nuff said.
    * Amok Time Tingler - Unbeknownst to me, this crazy cool critter actually came out in 2012 (yeah, yeah so sue me. I immediately perked up when I spotted this thing for the first time on sale at NYCC and had to have it. It's big, well made, strange and well, I LOVE it! (Thanks Paul!)
    * Gaming Heads Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobbleheads - I've wanted these ever since the game came out in 2009 (my proof HERE). These are scheduled for release by Christmas, but as of this writing they haven't come out yet. Expect them on my Top 10 list in 2014.

    JESS C. HORSLEY Managing Editor

    (In No Particular Order.)

    #1 - HOT TOYS THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 1/4 BATMAN (More photos HERE!) - Standing 18" tall atop a masterfully sculpted diorama base, featuring multiple interchangeable parts and pieces (including 3 different interchangeable facial expressions, two head sculpts and three sets of hands) and including some of the most impressive accessories in recent memory (a grappling gun, removable cape, sticky bomb gun, flight pack and more), this work of action figure art comes to fans as a part of Hot Toys' new line of Quarter Scale figures. Impressive in every way, there's simply nothing finer for the die-hard Batman fan. At $500, it's truly for the die-hard fans!

    #2 - ASMUS TOYS LOTR 1/6 MORGUL LORD WITCH KING RINGWRAITH - While various companies have made 12" Lord of the Rings figures in the past, none of brought to life the Witch-king of Angmar, the leader of the Nazgul, the Witchking Ringwraith. Asmus Toys does one better by using real metal parts and pieces on this awesomely armored figure and including a diorama base, four sets of hands, a sword with sheath, a flaming sword, and a HUGE flail. Unfortunately, the 12" body is a let down; but with a retail price of $160 and considering the simple awesome factor of finally having Sauron's general in 1/6th form, it's a solid addition to any LOTR collection.

    #3 - SQUARE ENIX METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE PLAY ARTS KAI RAIDEN - This year fans of the Metal Gear Solid series saw the franchise expand to finally feature the Cyborg Ninja Raiden star in a fast-action, hyper-intense hack and slash game unlike any other. Last seen in Metal Gear Solid 4 and now a fully functioning one man army, Raiden makes the transition to action figure form thanks to Square Enix's Play Arts Kai line. Armed with a high frequency blade, throwing knives, and a state of the art cyborg body, this cordial gent cuts, carves, dices and slices baddies into pieces... and now you can add him to your collection!

    #4 - SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES THE REAPER: DEATH'S GENERAL LEGENDARY SCALE STATUE - Let's admit it, we're all concerned about what happens after we die. If we're not, we're lying to ourselves. And while we might not know what really happens, I know who I don't want to meet - this guy! Death's General, The Reaper, comes to life in this beautifully sculpted and fabricated Legendary Scale Statue unlike anything we've seen before. Standing nearly 2 feet tall, draped in armor, wearing a winged helm and armed with sword and scythe, this warrior comes ready to reap souls...and your wallet. At $1,000 retail, this is for only the most die-hard fans and collectors.

    #5 - HASBRO 6-INCH STAR WARS BLACK SERIES BOBA FETT - Fans of the classic Star Wars line finally got the action figures they've been clamoring for - a larger scale with more articulation and more sculpted detail - in the Black Series. At $20 per figure, they're more than twice the cost of the regular 3 3/4" figures...and well worth it. Considering all the characters to release to spectacular fanfare, the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter makes for the best choice! For every fanboy and girl who's ever wanted to pit Boba Fett against their Marvel Legends, meet the Star Wars Black series!

    #6 - MATTEL MOTUC CASTLE GRAYSKULL PLAYSET - Fans of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line have wanted nothing more than someplace to display their figures; a place for their figures to call home...and now they finally have it. Not only a diorama, not just a play set, Castle Grayskull is a character too; maybe the best known character next to He-Man himself. Featuring a two-sided fold out design with three levels, a working jaw draw bridge and an interior complete with combat trainer, a working elevator, a scaling ladder, an armory and weapons, a castle throne, a trap door, a flag and more; Castle Grayskull is the best available housing for your MOTUC collection. Why have your figures stay anywhere else?

    #7 - DIAMOND SELECT TOYS MARVEL SELECT RHINO - Fans of Spidey and Hulk finally have an impressive comic-accurate version of the Eastern European super villain Aleksei Sytsevich - aka Rhino - to add to their figure collection thanks to DST's Marvel Select line. Standing over 8", featuring textured skin, intimidating size, a fierce scowl, a decent amount of articulation and a solid build - all for a retail price of less than $25, Rhino is a sure buy for any and every Marvel comic fans looking to add a bit of dim-witted brawn and brute strength to their collection!

    #8 - NECA 1/4 IRON MAN MARK VII (Read the review HERE!) - Every serious collector needs a figure of the Armored Avengers and while NECA's version might not be the most articulated, least expensive or all-around most impressive, it's nothing if not the best all around compromise. Featuring an impressive sculpt and design, standing 18" tall with a decent amount of articulation and a cool light-up feature, and priced at less than $100, NECA's 1/4 Scale Iron Man delivers the goods. Add to this NECA's previously released 1/4 Scale Captain America the 1/4 Scale Thor (arriving soon) and you have the three mightiest Avengers - the Iron Knight, the American Soldier and the Odinson - all in spectacular 18" scale.

    #9 - POP CULTURE SHOCK MORTAL KOMBAT 1:1 SUB-ZERO BUST - Artist extraordinaire Jerry Macaluso continues to breath life into the Mortal Kombat video game genre by releasing impressive statues and what is one of the most impressive 1:1 scale busts ever. With two versions available (one with poseable eyes and one with light up eyes), the Sub Zero 1:1 Bust looks intimidating - as if it could freeze you just by looking at you. And, while the cost might freeze some casual collectors, die-hard fans will see the $600 as an investment into one of the coolest collectible pieces of 2013.

    #10 - NECA PACIFIC RIM ACTION FIGURES (Read the reviews HERE, HERE and HERE!) - Guillermo del Toro's released his love story to robots and monsters this year with the release the summer spectacular Pacific Rim. A new, unique and frightening vision of the future in which alien monsters from under the ocean invade the Earth, Pacific Rim gave fans everything they could ask for and more - and NECA delivered the toys to boot, bringing two series of figures in 2013. With the main assortments including Jaeger robots Gypsy Danger (and Battle Damaged variant), Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon as well as two Kaiju monsters, Knifehead and Leatherback, these seemingly disappeared from shelves as soon as they were spotted. Most impressive, NECA released a super-detailed 18" Gypsy Danger with light-up feature that's no doubt one of the most impressive figures of the year, especially at a cost of less than $100.
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    Re: TOP 10 Toys of 2013

    SCOTT RUBIN Editor Reporter/ Reviewer

    My name is Scott Rubin, and I love toys! As you’ll see from my list of 2013 favorites, my taste in toys is pretty eclectic. And unlike some other collectors I get a lot of my enjoyment from mass market toys generally thought of as being for “kids.” Besides collecting toys I play a lot of games, and if you’re into that sort of thing then come check out my miniature gaming news and review site!

    (In No Particular Order.)

    #1 - HASBRO MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC MINIFIGURES - “Brony,” you ask? Guilty as charged. For those of you who scoff yet haven’t watched a single episode of the show (or read an issue of the comic books), you truly don’t know what you’re missing. MLP is colorful, fun, funny, and packed with references that would make even the most hardcore geek smile. Of course, Hasbro is standing by with toys based on the characters by the dozen, and while some of them feature hair you can actually brush I prefer the mini figures. At about 2 inches, these little ponies are easily collectible and yet still capture the look and style of the characters well. There have been several series of blind packs as well as multi-packs, store and country exclusives, etc. Get in touch with your inner Brony and check ‘em out.

    #2 - BANDAI SHODO DRAGONBALL Z FIGURES - I love small scale figures, especially if they have decent articulation and look cool. Early this year Bandai came out of the blue with a new line of very small figures from Dragonball Z, the “Shodo” figures. Originally sold in singles at specialty stores the line consisted of Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, and the oddly named Super Saiyan God (a further powered up version of Goku). At approximately three inches tall, these figures look just like their anime counterparts down to their crazy Super Saiyan hair, torn clothing, and unique outfits. Even better, they have great articulation with alternate hands and are genuinely fun to play with as they go through the distinctive fighting poses. There was also an SDCC 2013 exclusive set (“Ultimate Spark”) that brought all three figures with new metallic paint jobs.

    #3 - BANDAI S.H. MONSTERARTS GODZILLA FIGURES - One of the entries from my list last year, Bandai’s S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla lineup continues to amaze and delight fans of the Big G all over the world. 6 inch scale kaiju with incredible sculpts and articulation, these figures even come with fun, character/film-specific accessories. There are few Godzilla toys out there that look better, and even fewer that are more screen accurate. This year brought several cool new additions to the line including some major fan favorites like the main characters of my favorite film Godzilla vs. Destroyah: Burning Godzilla, Destroyah, and the SDCC 2013 exclusive Destroyah Evolutions Set. Bandai shows no sign of letting up either, with the biggest kaiju yet coming any day now, the 12 inch Biollante!

    #4 - WIZKIDS GAMES STAR TREK TACTICS III HEROCLIX - Beyond action figures and the like, some of my favorite things on this or any other planet are spaceships. And just like with toy lines I like my sci-fi craft in small scales as they’re easier to collect and display in huge fleets. Last year WizKids Games debuted their amazing Star Trek Tactics game (a separate yet fully compatible HeroClix expansion) which of course made my 2012 list with its great array of ships that are fun to play, collect, and display. After the initial blind box series and starter set WizKids returned with two more Tactics runs, the latest being III just a couple months ago. That one brought us the Borg in multiple varieties including the colossal Tactical Cubes, assimilated vessels, and much more. I can’t get enough of ‘em!

    #5 - NECA PACIFIC RIM ACTION FIGURES (Read the reviews HERE, HERE and HERE!) - Even as I write this, I’m 100% sure that these figures will appear on other contributors’ lists, so I’ll keep this brief. Pacific Rim was awesome, especially the geek dream-come-true Jaegers. Thankfully NECA was on hand to shrink down those epic giant robots into fantastically detailed 7” inch figures, and it was immediately apparent how many people thought so by the instant sell outs and skyrocketing secondary market prices. Knowing our audience, if you’re reading this and you liked the movie you probably already have one or more of these figures, so I won’t bore you any more except to say two things. 1. The recent announcement means that the coolest Jaeger is coming in Wave 3, that being Cherno Alpha. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Hell yeah!) 2. Some Pac Rim fans may have missed them but WizKids did a small set of HeroClix figures of Jaegers and Kaiju and they’re almost as awesome as the 7” figures (and even easier to display in small spaces).

    #6 - KOTOBUKIYA JUSTICE LEAGUE NEW 52 ARTFX+ STATUE SERIES (Read the review HERE!) - Koto’s ARTFX statues have been around a long time, and then they debuted the smaller 1/10th scale ARTFX+ series with Star Wars. Those were pretty cool, and then this year they added DC Comics to the scale with a very impressive Justice League set. I’m a big fan of DC and a loyal reader, so I was pretty excited to check these out... and I wasn’t disappointed. These statues bring the characters to life with a unique style that immediately sets them apart from other New 52 collectibles, and the smaller scale makes them easy to display in a group (and of course afford vs. the larger and more expensive). The Leaguers are based on iconic Jim Lee artwork so they look great all together, and Koto really went the extra mile with details and beautiful paint applications.

    #7 - DC COLLECTIBLES CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE SUPER-HEROES (Read the reviews HERE, HERE and HERE!) - Green Lantern characters and 3 ¾ inch figures go together for me like chocolate and peanut butter, so naturally I’ve been loving DC Collectibles’ convention exclusive only “Super-Heroes” for the past couple years. And while 2012 brought us cool figures like Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Atrocitus, Guy Gardner, and Larfleeze, 2013 took it to a whole new level with the SDCC four pack of Green Lantern Sinestro, Black Hand, Atrocitus, and fan favorite Dex-Starr (see my review HERE), then NYCC’s duo of Hal Jordan and Saint Walker! They’re in a great size, have good articulation and details, and best of all make for a very cohesive display all together. And, despite being awesome they’re not overly expensive and even if you can’t make it to the shows they’re pretty easy to get on secondary markets. If you’re a Green Lantern fan too you should definitely be collecting this line.

    #8 - DC COLLECTIBLES INJUSTCIE: GODS AMONG US 3 3/4" TWO PACKS (Read the review HERE!) - What DC Collectibles started with the 3 ¾ inch Super-Heroes packs they continued and expanded into regular comic book stores with the Injustice: Gods Among Us two-packs. With character designs specifically coming out of the hit video game, these figures have brought a wide range of heroes and villains to the 3 ¾ inch scale with high quality sculpts and especially articulation that has been lacking in previous small scale DC figure lines. There are also some similarities in the designs with other current DC incarnations like New 52 comics and the Arrow show, which just adds to the appeal of the figures.

    #9 - MATTEL SDCC13 EXCLUSIVE DC SIGNATURE COLLECTION SHAZAM! (Read the review HERE!) - So as you can tell from my previous selections it’s pretty obvious that I’m a die-hard DC fan. That being said, I differ from a lot of others in that I didn’t massively collect the Mattel DCUC line (I had my reasons). But while I didn’t buy them all I was always on the lookout for particular favorite characters and/or really well done figures, and that’s exactly what I found in Mattel’s 2013 SDCC exclusive Signature Collection Shazam! I enjoyed the recent reintroduction and reimagining of the character in the comics, and Mattel and the Four Horsemen’s version made for a fantastic action figure. Shazam looks great with a very well done representation of the new costume and head sculpt, with of course the solid articulation you know and love in DCUC. There’s not a whole lot more to say about this guy; chances are if you’re a fan of the character or Universe Classics collector you already got one at SDCC or in Matty’s subsequent online sales.

    #10 - WIZKIDS GAMES HEROCLIX - I already mentioned Star Trek Tactics on this list, but I have to dedicate one entire spot to the main focus of my collecting and gaming these days: HeroClix. It was on my list last year during the game’s 10th anniversary and what seemed like the biggest variety and number of releases ever. Well, 2013 blew even that away and it’s been a very exciting year for players. This year saw Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Bioshock: Infinite, Wolverine and the X-Men, Batman ’66, Mage Knight, Thor the Dark World, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Arkham Origins, and many more join the battlefield with something for everyone in the ever-growing ranks of players. In particular I want to note the DC Comics Teen Titans set which blew us away with the introduction of team bases (as well as the return of one of my favorite characters in the chase Superboy Prime) and the Marvel Comics Fear Itself tournament event series with its own unique booster set, awesome figures, and one of the coolest and best looking HeroClix ever as the event’s grand prize Serpent.

    Honorable Mention:

    * Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection - A lot of Americans who don’t frequent comic book shops all that often may not be familiar with the name Eaglemoss, but you should be. The British company excels at collectible metal figures and they’ve done long series with DC Comics and Marvel Comics in addition to vehicles from Star Wars and Batman, and lots more. Late this year they began several new lines including Hobbit and Doctor Who, but the one I was most interested in was their Star Trek Starships Collection. Eaglemoss is cranking out highly detailed and painted metal starships covering all eras of the shows and films, and these things are awesome. I’ve already got my hands on the first two, Enterprise-A and D, and they’re even better looking in person. Heavy and a great size for collecting and displaying, these ships are going to get a place of honor in my collection and I hope the series goes forever.

    JORGE PELAEZ Reporter/ Reviewer

    (In No Particular Order.)

    The most powerful man in the the universe finally has a sacred fortress to defend from the evil forces of Skeletor! Sculpted and designed by the amazing Four Horsemen this one-of-a-kind playlet features tons of bonus accessories, working jaw bridge and tons of space to display your figures. If that were not enough, the box art features a vintage style painting by artist Rody Obrero making this massive 3-dimensional play set, the ultimate grail for Masters of the Universe collectors!

    #2 - HOT TOYS 1/6 AVENGERS: HULK (Two part video review HERE and HERE!) - Who say’s you won’t like this guy when he’s angry? This amazing 1/6 scale interpretations of the Hulk by Hot Toys is absolutely incredible and accurately in scale with the rest of the 1/6 Avengers figures. Not only is this figure massively huge but he features a special rubberized skin, movie accurate sculpt, interchangeable hands, and even rotating eyes making this hands down, the Ultimate Marvel collectible this year.

    #3 - SIDESHOW 1/6 DC COMICS JOKER - Why so serious? This amazing sixth scale comic-based Joker figure by Sideshow Collectibles will have you smiling from ear to ear with it’s jaw-droppingly detailed head portratits customizable wardrobe and plethora of bonus accesories. With so many Joker collectibles in the market today, Sideshow has still managed to deliver the ultimate comic-inspired Joker figure for collectors this year.

    #4 - HOT TOYS 1/6 IRON MAN 3 TONY STARK DELUXE SET - How awesome would it be to have your very own workshop like the famous Tony Stark? Thanks to the awesome folks at Hot Toys you can now own a miniature version of it to add to your collection. This deluxe set not includes an amazing new Tony Stark sixth scale but also comes with a work bench, tools, interchangeable Mark XLII parts and a giant circular base making this the absolute Iron Man collectible for Marvel fans this year.

    #5 - SIDESHOW 1/6 STAR WARS YODA - Matter not does size when it comes to this force-wielding Jedi master. This amazing new sixth scale Yoda figure by Sideshow Collectibles features interchangeable heads, hands and tons of movie accurate props and accessories making it the ultimate Star Wars collectible release in 2013.

    #6 - NECA PREDATOR SERIES 9 - JUNGLE DISGUISE DUTCH (Video review HERE!) - Collectors were finally able to check one off their bucket lists thanks to the folks at NECA. The 25th Anniversary Predator collection provided many collectors with a plethora of action figures based on the iconic film from the 80s but among all the muscly Arnold goodness, one particular figure stood out significantly from the rest, Dutch in jungle disguise. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of handmade weapons and an uncanny sculptural likeness of Arnold Schwarzenneger, this figure incorporates actual elements of the jungle such as twigs and leaves into the sculpt making this a figural masterpiece and the best 7” figure released in 2013.

    #7 NECA ALIENS HICKS & ALIEN 2-PACK -In space no one can hear you scream but this wickedly cool action figure 2 pack by NECA will have you jumping for joy. This masterful figure set consists of an updated Corporal Hicks with screaming expression and helmet alongside a blue Alien warrior that has had it’s head blown away. Collector’s have been begging for Space Marines and now NECA has delivered in a major way and this awesome 2-pack is no exception.

    #8 - HASBRO SDCC13 EXCLUSIVE 6-INCH STAR WARS BLACK SERIES BOBA FETT - The Force is strong with this intergalactic comic-exclusive exclusive of the notorious bounty hunter in wondrous 6” scale. This highly-detailed Boba Fett figure features an arsenal of weapons, tons of articulation complete with his latest bounty Han Solo frozen in carbonite. This one-of-a-kind figure set includes a clear display stand allowing collectors to display the frozen Han in carbonate slab in an upright position or hovering in mid air making this one of the best figures released this year.

    #9 - SQUARE ENIX PLAY ARTS KAI DARK KNIGHT JOKER - I know, I know what can I say, Im a sucker for all things Joker but this Play Arts Kai Joker figure from the Dark Knight trilogy collection is one of my absolute favorites. This figure includes not one, not two but three different interchangeable heads, tons of articulation and additional movie-accurate accessories. Nuff Said!

    #10 - DC COLLECTIBLES BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY DELUXE SOLOMON GRUNDY - You don’t have to be born on a Monday to be bad *** but this guy was. This humongous DC deluxe action figure based on his appearance in the Arkham City video game towers way above all your other puny action figures, features an amazing sculpt, fantastic paint job and plenty of articulation. Top that off with a removable chest and exposed heart and you got yourself one of the most bad *** DC rogue action figures to date.
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    Re: TOP 10 Toys of 2013

    DAVID YEH Reporter/ Reviewer

    Hey there, David Yeh here, with my look at my top 10 of 2013. Like in years past, I found that my favorites are mostly dominated by my favorite shows and movies of the 1980s with maybe one exception. I was hoping that my #1 from last year would make it to the list but I was actually really disappointed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Rocksteady and Bebop figures so there's no Turtle presence this year. But despite that, there was still a lot of great product this year so let's get to them!

    #1 - FANS TOYS QUAKEWAVE - I know, I know, another Transformer in my top 10...and a third party Transformer at that! I couldn't help it that Fans Toys did such a bang up job on the popular Decepticon Shockwave that was both toy and cartoon accurate at the same time. Quakewave might possibly be better than what Takara would be able to achieve if not pretty close. Quakewave not only has heavy die cast parts, he also has a light up eye and laser. And for those who want a more ‘toon accurate Shockwave, Fans Toys went ahead and shipped replacement parts and hand without any additional charge. All that you need is some Decepticon symbols from Reprolabels and you'll have one impressive toy!

    #2 - TAKARA/ HASBRO TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE SOUNDWAVE - Up above I gave a shout out to Prowl and Bluestreak and now I have to give credit to the loyal Decepticon Soundwave, which is one of the most impressive Transformers released almost ever. While it's not incredibly advanced, it's engineered perfectly and executed just the same. I had to pick up the Takara version of Soundwave to get the cartoon accurate red eyes (American release had yellow colored eyes) but also picked up the Toys'R'Us exclusive version to get all of the cassettes, which are also great representations of our favorite little Decepticons, Laserbeak, Buzz Saw, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy. Several cassettes can fit in Soundwave's chest cavity and he comes with a few accessories straight out of the ‘toon. Masterpiece Transformers are not only the best transforming toys around, they're also great action figures. These Transformers might just be my favorite thing going right now.

    #3 - DINEY INTERACTIVE: DISNEY INFINITY - Disney Interactive changed the face of gaming this year with an aggressive new game and a marketing campaign to match. Much like Skylanders, gamers play through the game by unlocking various worlds, adventures, weapons, vehicles, and with some extra cash, you can buy new characters to play with as well as extra add-ons and accessories. It's a cash generating machine for Disney and has done extremely well. With new figures arriving every month or so since its launch, it's been very hard to turn away from the addiction that is Disney Infinity, which is available on all gaming systems. Even without the game, the figurines are all sculpted beautifully and equally addicting. If they stay true to infinity, this line may never end!

    #4 - MATTEL MOTUC CASTLE GRAYSKULL PLAYSET - Technically, as of this writing, I haven't had the time to really open it up but it already is the biggest thing in my collection this year. It's so massive that I'm almost regretting the purchase! Almost. The glorious box art and the nostalgia of always wanting to own a Castle Grayskull has swept through my veins and Mattel has certainly delivered it as promised. I probably echo everyone else's sentiments that they wish it were larger to be in better scale with the figures but that would have sold fewer sets. Still, it's amazing that an essential playset for He-Man and gang is finally here.

    #5 - HEROCROSS DONALD DUCK HYBRID METAL FIGURATION - This Hybrid Metal action figure import from Japan is out of this world. It's what you might get if you gave the Hot Toys treatment to action figures. Two different portraits and various hands, make posing this Donald a challenge to find your favorite one! And because the figure is mostly metal, he keeps those poses and also has the weight to keep it there. HeroCross has previously made a Mickey figure but it isn't nearly as impressive as this Donald, who happens to be one of my favorite Disney characters so maybe I'm biased. This figure wasn't cheap to start but since its release earlier this year, the price has only gone up. Cry fowl if you missed this one!

    #6 - TAKARA TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE PROWL & BLUESTREAK - I loved the Transformers cartoon growing up and was always displeased with the toys never looking like the characters on the show. With Transformers Masterpiece, Takara has at long last given us two more Autobot cars: Prowl and Bluestreak. Both are Datsun Fairlady vehicles with the same exact mold but that didn't stop me from getting them both! They look spot on and the transformation is relatively easy. Now if only they could release these stateside we could roll out with extra money in our wallets!

    #7 - LEGO BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE DELOREAN TIME MACHINE - Back to the Future is one of my all-time favorite movies so when LEGO announced that they would tackle the DeLorean Time Machine, I was floored. The toy was selected to be made through LEGO CUUSOO members, where LEGO builders can submit their creations and ideas to be made. Those who garner the most votes will be considered and fortunately for all of us, The Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine is now a reality. Those who buy the set have the option of displaying their time machine in whatever mode they feel, from the basic version in Back to the Future, to hover conversion and Mr. Fusion of Back to the Future Part II, to the version seen in Back to the Future Part III, it's all possible. LEGO Minifigures Marty McFly and Doc Brown are both included. This is heavy!

    #8 - DIAMOND SELECT TOYS KNIGHT RIDER 1:15 SCALE KITT ELECTRONIC VEHICLE - I actually can't tell if this was released late late 2012 or early 2013 but I know I didn't get my grubby mitts on it until this year and it is a thing of beauty. Last year I included the Minimates KITT car on my top 10 and this surely beats that two thousand times over (get it? knight industries two thousand? nevermind)! Not only are there lights inside and out, there's crisp and loud dialogue along with actual sound effects as well! Buyers had an option of picking up the car with or without Michael Knight and while he's severely under scaled, I couldn't resist getting the Hoff in my collection.

    #9 - HASBRO 6-INCH STAR WARS BLACK SERIES - It's hard to believe that Star Wars still finds a way to creep into my top 10 somehow. While the 4" line has become a bit stagnant, the brand new 6" line has breathed new life into Star Wars collecting and toy collecting in general. With the introduction of Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite at San Diego Comic-Con, that toy was a game changer, causing many who weren't Star Wars collectors to jump on board. With two waves now in stores, Star Wars Black Series deserves a spot on the list. I didn't want to pick one figure though since they all deserve a shout out.

    #10 MATTEL MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS: HORDE TROOPERS - Mattel is still chugging along with their combined He-Man and She-Ra Classics line and while each figure is a solid effort in their own right, there's something about the Horde Troopers that have me giddy like a school girl. These troops are better known to viewers of the She-Ra cartoon with seemingly individual personalities, and the toy versions are just amazingly fun. While the Horde Troopers are placed high on my list, this placement is really a nod for all MOTUC figures of the past few years. I would horde these troopers if given the chance but they sold out in record time.

    Honorable Mentions:

    * Mattel Batman 1966 Batmobile
    * Mattel Toy Story Small Fry Buzz Lightyear

    MICHAEL KLEIN Reporter/ Reviewer

    Once again this year, as diverse as my interests in collecting continue to be, the items that make my top 10 list are generally one of two things: A nostalgic throwback to my childhood or big, bad, and full of awesome. I love toys that relate to movies, TV shows, video games or toy lines from my childhood in the ‘80s so properties, like TMNT, He-Man, and Star Wars feed that need. And you can bet that the more space something takes up the more likely it will be in my collection. Unfortunately, bigger ultimately means a lot more expensive (unless we’re talking about Jakks Pacific’s 31” figures, which are big and affordable) so several things on my top 10 aren’t in my collection (yet).

    #1 - MATTEL MOTUC CASTLE GRAYSKULL PLAYSET - This is it. I have been waiting all year for this one and it just arrived shortly before writing this article. I knew when Mattel announced last year that they were developing a new bigger, more detailed version of Castle Grayskull to accompany the Masters of the Universe Classics line that I would be pre-ordering it immediately. I also knew that this piece would end up being the showpiece for the line, the definitive Classics collectible and I was right. This castle is like a love letter to the fans. I know the relationship has been shaky all this time and the customer service and ordering systems have long been an issue that fans have complained about, but looking at the Grayskull set up on my shelf makes the long, tedious journey worth it. Just seeing the attention to detail on the box with its original artwork and homage to the vintage castle was enough to make me giddy. But this toy is also everything I could have wanted with an updated Castle Grayskull, from the sculpted details that were merely cardboard in the original, to the plastic flagpole and improved elevator and throne I am beyond thrilled. I think even more than the improvements over the original’s features, I love the new additions and surprises such as the jail cell, secret doors, orb chamber, and interior floor pieces. This product was made with such visible care and love; I can’t help but be in love with this toy. While we may only have two more years at the most in the line, I can’t possibly see anything else coming close to this…except maybe Snake Mountain (fingers crossed).

    #2 - HOT TOYS 1/6 AVENGERS: HULK (Two part video review HERE and HERE!) - What a better way to finish off the initial Avengers assortment than with the big green guy himself. Standing at about 16.5 inches and weighing around 9lbs, Hulk is ready to beat your Loki figure in the ground. While there have been other Hulk figures of similar size or even bigger, this is my favorite Hulk to release in recent time due heavily to the movie look and the small details such as the veins and hair, the articulation, and I just love how he towers over the other Hot Toys characters.

    #3 - SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES LOTR SAURON PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE - It was extremely difficult for me to bump this piece down to the third spot but it remains the biggest and most impressive non-poseable high-end collectible on my list and for good reason. This is the ultimate Lord of the Rings collectible for fans of the films. The Dark Lord of Modor towers over everything else in your collection at an intimidating 3 feet tall with fully detailed armor and a paint job to mimic the fires of Mount Doom reflecting from below. He wields his giant mace and stands on a base littered with bones of his fallen foes. While the figure is extremely pricey, I also feel it is extremely worth it.

    #4 - HOT TOYS 1989 BATMOBILE - Ever since I saw this piece in person two years ago at Comic-Con I knew I had to have it. The best of the film Batmobiles is represented in all of its sleek, black glory, complete with working lights and a host of impressive features such as the cocoon armor and pop-out guns. Not only that, but it measures over three feet long making it a huge and awesome display piece, perfect for driving around your Michael Keaton Batman or laying the smackdown on the Joker.

    #5 - LEGO STAR WARS EWOK VILLAGE - While I may or may not be in a minority, the Ewoks were always one of my favorite things from the Star Wars films. With my 3 ¾ collection I have bought as much Ewok stuff as I can, with the full intent of setting up a wicked sweet Endor diorama at some point. In the meantime, LEGO has knocked my socks off with their own giant rendition of the Ewok Village. Standing over 13” tall and 21x13 wide/deep this great playset sports 17 minifigures and a host of weapons and accessories. Special features include catapults, the elevating throne, net traps and more with almost 2000 pieces included. This particular set is only sold at, but is well worth the shipping.

    #6 - HASBRO 6-INCH STAR WARS BLACK - Hasbro has finally listened to fans after all these years and given us something we’ve been demanding since the early ‘00s: a fully poseable line of “Marvel Legends” style Star Wars figures. Each character is loaded with impressive sculpting, detail, and articulation and fit in great with all of your other 6” collectibles. While there have only been two waves released so far, they are well-balanced in terms of character selection and many more are on the way!

    #7 - NECA PACIFIC RIM ACTION FIGURES (Read the reviews HERE, HERE and HERE!) - NECA has truly become one of my favorite companies over the years. Their willingness to take chances on entertainment properties have given us figures for movies and video games that we may have never seen otherwise. Pacific Rim is one of those niche films that could have easily been glossed over for fear that it wasn’t marketable or could have turned into another shelf warmer like Real Steel. But the Pacific Rim line has taken off, becoming highly sought after and paving the way for a full-fledged action figure line. Not only are they detailed and poseable, but the Kaiju are huge and getting bigger! We’ve already had two waves of figures and an impressive ¼ scale figure of Gypsy Danger, but we know more figure waves are on the way along with a ¼ scale Knifehead!

    #8 - SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES DC COMICS POISON IVY PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE - This is the first year where most of my purchases haven’t been from Sideshow as the Star Wars 1/6 line has slowed down a bit and what is coming doesn’t ship till next year. However, they still got out several great collectibles this year and one of the best is also one of the sexiest figures by any company this year. The Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure, one of the first releases in the DC Comics Premium Format line, stands around 21” tall from her vibrant crimson hair down to her deadly carnivorous plant base. She truly captures the look and feel of the villainous vixen and makes a stunning addition to any true comic fans collection.

    #9 - NECA GREMLINS SPIDER MOHAWK - I don’t think I’m alone when I say I have been waiting half my life for this one. NECA’s Gremlins line made it on my list last year because they fulfilled a want I’ve had since I saw Gremlins 2 back in 1990. The colorful cast of characters was humorous and interesting from Brain and Daffy to the Electric Gremlin and Veggie Gremlin. But none was as awesome or terrifying as Mohawk after drinking the spider formula, turning him in Spider Mohawk. I would have loved a toy of him as a kid and now I’m getting my wish. The figure is huge with poseable limbs and an outer box sporting some really nice artwork. While I don’t have him in my hands yet as he just started shipping this past week, he will be a welcome addition to my collection.

    #10 - MATTEL MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS - MANTENNA - I always find the #10 spot the hardest since I often have several choices left when I get to the bottom. But what’s worse is trying to figure out which figure from a popular and incredible line like Masters of the Universe Classics deserves a spot on the list might be harder. This past year continued the trend of upping the ante on character choices as well as improving quality; giving us some of the best product we’ve seen since the line began. But the character that edged out the rest in terms of coolness, nostalgia, and quality is Mantenna. A favorite of mine from childhood, I always loved how you could slide the switch and make his eyeballs pop out. Mattel has done him up right, giving him swap out eyes to duplicate his vintage feature and while the original character’s 4 legs were molded into two non-poseable ones, the new figure sports 4 separate fully moveable legs making him a standout in the continually impressive toy line.

    Honorable Mentions:

    * NECA Predator - A great line-up of figures that continues to grow with great Kenner throwback designs and an awesome ¼ Dutch
    * Playmates TMNT RC Shellraiser - A Turtles vehicle that is not only remote controlled but also fires discs like the old Pizza Thrower!
    * Hasbro Transformers Metroplex (Read the review HERE!) - The biggest Transformer of all, standing at over 2 feet tall!
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    Re: TOP 10 Toys of 2013

    JUSTIN BELL (above left), PHILLIP DONNELLY (center), TERRANCE DIZARD (above right) Staff

    By all appearances, 2013 was set to be a banner year for G.I. Joe, with the major motion picture G.I. Joe: Retaliation hitting theaters and theoretically kicking off the next big era in G.I. Joe history. The end result didn’t quite turn out that way, but we still got a wide assortment of high quality G.I. Joe product to collect and enjoy! Below are the Top 10 G.I. Joe items for the year as chosen by the staff at!


    #1 - G.I. JOE EAGLEHAWK HELICOPTER W/ LIFT-TICKET - An iconic vehicle from the vintage A Real American Hero line, the G.I. Joe Tomahawk helicopter is legendary. But as the saying goes, there’s always room for improvement, and that is exactly what the Eaglehawk brings to the game. Folding blades, working wench, new details and interchangeable side guns make this the ultimate G.I. Joe gunship and transport helicopter. Included is a very modern military looking update to Lift-Ticket.

    #2 - G.I. JOE: RETALIATION KWINN - It only took us 30 years to get a jungle version of one of the most timeless G.I. Joe characters in Larry Hama’s Marvel Comics run. Maybe it was worth the wait, considering the figure is one of the best figures in 2013 and one of the most well executed figures of the modern era.

    #3 - G.I. JOE COLLECTOR'S CLUB "NIGHT FORCE" REPEATER - Starting off with a picture perfect head sculpt, and finishing off with an equally perfect repainted G.I. Joe: Retaliation “Ultimate” Roadblock, Repeater was yet another under used classic character that the Club updated flawlessly.

    #4 - G.I. JOE COLLECTORS CLUB "FIGURE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE" BIG BOA - Even using most re-used tooling, this figure was the highlight of the first FSS from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club. A very nice, large sized build with a terrific new head sculpt, new webgear, and excellently designed removable boxing gloves, the Cobra Trainer was a huge hit with fans everywhere and an excellent addition to the Cobra modern era roster.

    #5 - G.I. JOE: RETALIATION "ULTIMATE" COBRA COMMANDER - Considering how many Cobra Commanders we’ve received since 2007, how can yet another one really provide this much excitement? When the figure is sculpted and design to complete perfection, that’s how. Amazing detail within impeccable new tooling takes the Cobra Imperial Leader to a totally new level.

    #6 - G.I. JOE COLLECTORS CLUB "NIGHT FORCE" MUSKRAT - At the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention, the Collectors Club unveiled their Night Force team, including this terrific update to the G.I. Joe swamp fighter Muskrat. Great tooling, an awesome color scheme, and some fun accessories make for a perfect update to a classic favorite.

    #7 - G.I. JOE: RETALIATION NIGHT VIPER - Currently one of the most “in demand” Cobra army builders, the Night Viper takes a terrific old school trooper and updates it very nicely for the 21st Century. Some incredibly cool new gear and a great vintage aesthetic has combined to make this one of the best figures of 2013.

    #8 - G.I. JOE: RETALIATION "ULTIMATE" FIREFLY - A fan favorite character who has had many different figure iterations in recent years finally gets the vintage themed “ultimate” treatment with one of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation 3 Packs this year. The end result is a spectacular new version of the Cobra Saboteur which retains some great vintage elements, but constructed in a new and exciting way. The best of all worlds!

    #9 - G.I. JOE KRE-O BATTLE PLATFORM - Even Joe fans who aren’t building toy fans couldn’t help but be drawn in by the dynamic G.I. Joe Kre-O line that reinvigorated the vintage fans and brought a whole new audience to the G.I. Joe camp. The Battle Platform set featured an exciting new playset build as well as the only Kre-On mini figures for Duke, Roadblock, and Cobra Commander.

    #10 - G.I. JOE: RETALIATION "ULTIMATE" FLINT - Even though he was a relatively minor character in the grand scheme of things in the film, DJ Cotrona’s plastic representation was a highlight of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation action figure line. Some great movie-accurate design work, tons of accessories and even a working parachute!


    * SAN DIEGO COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE G.I. JOE VERSUS TRANSFORMERS VOL. 3 - The third and final installment of the ever popular G.I. Joe versus Transformers sets of figures and vehicles was the biggest ever. Volume 3, titled “The Epic Conclusion!” featured a 2011 Sky Stryker in all white, with paint applications, decals, and for the first time, unique rocket booster tooling to re-create the famous Autobot Air Guardian, Jetfire! Alongside Jetfire, is the Autobot Hound, in disguise as a G.I. Joe VAMP Jeep. But the real excitement comes from the companion figures featuring the Baroness (with exclusive head sculpt), exclusive Decepticon Ravage (on a chain leash), the Decepticon Samurai Bludgeon (with exclusive head and accessories), Snake Eyes in camouflage with Autobot Blaster in his boom box mode and cassette tapes. A truly EPIC and large set of figures and vehicles.


    * HOT TOYS G.I. JOE: RETALIATION SNAKE EYES - This year, Hot Toys (via partner, Sideshow Toys) brought an unprecedented level of detail and quality to the G.I. Joe brand with their Retaliation movie themed 12 inch action figures. Snake Eyes is an incredible, artful, reproduction of the on-screen costume featured in the movie. Armored plates, metallic weapons, and incredible attention to detail make this figure more of a work of art than a mere toy.

    Honorable Mentions:

    * G.I. Joe: Retaliation Data Viper - Where would G.I. Joe have been over the past 30 years without new concepts and new characters? Hasbro went into their “concept vault” and brought out an impeccably designed and constructed new Cobra trooper that is fantastic from its sculpting to its accessory compliment. There is a lot to love with the Data Viper and he made for a great addition to the 2013 roster.
    * G.I. Joe: Retaliation Extended Cut on Blu-ray - The theatrical release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation was an epic action movie, but the move and delay to 3D meant that more story filled scenes needed to be trimmed for time and resulted in a differently edited film. Director Jon Chu, in association with Best Buy, released what could be called the original, full length version of the film. Including missing scenes, and a different order of introduction of characters, the extended cut gives a more complete viewing experience for G.I. Joe fans.

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