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    Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 62

    Highlights From December 21st Event: Han Solo's Blaster, LOTR Sting, More...

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    Profiles in History, run by Joe Maddalena, reveals the highlights from their upcoming Hollywood Auction 62 to be held this December 21st.

    Frodo's "Sting" hand-crafted aluminum sword from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Sting was an ancient blade made by Elvish weapon-smiths used by lead character Frodo Baggins in Tolkien’s epic The Lord of the Rings. This is one of the production made Sting swords beautifully crafted with resin hilt and hand-etched aluminum blade by WETA Workshop. As Tolkien described in the book, Sting is depicted as vaguely leaf-shaped, with gently curving edges. Engraved on the blade are Sindarin letters that read phonetically, “Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im.” Translated they read, “Sting is my name; I am the spider’s bane”. The sword has a WETA logo, reference number, date and "Sting (Human Scale)" engraved into it. Lord of the Rings items are extremely rare and just for a point of reference, last year, Profiles sold Orlando Bloom's "Legolas" bow for an amazing $372,000. This sword is estimated to sell for $30,000 - $50,000.

    Bert Lehr's Cowardly Lion, "Witch Remover" prop from The Wizard of Oz. This instantly recognizable prop is wielded by the Cowardly Lion as he, Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow enter the Haunted Forest and read the sign aloud stating, “Haunted Forest... Witches Castle one mile... I’d turn back if I were you.” So visually important is this scene that M-G-M chose the image of this sequence for one of their eight promotional lobby cards. Estimated to sell for $100,000 - $150,000.

    Harrison Ford's Han Solo DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The space-scoundrel-turned hero’s persona is irrevocably tied to his blaster pistol. Solo was modeled after the rogue gunslingers of the westerns that influenced creator George Lucas. This non-firing blaster was created for The Empire Strikes Back and was also used in Return of the Jedi. It would have been used in the majority of scenes that feature Han, with the heavier, live-fire weapon being used for close-up shots. Particularly noteworthy scenes requiring this lighter version are when Darth Vader uses the Force to lasso the blaster out of Han’s hand in Empire, and in Jedi when Han wrestles with a Stormtrooper to regain possession of his blaster during the Rebels’ encounter with Imperial forces on Endor. It is the only known example of this type of blaster in private hands. It is estimated to sell for $200,000 - $300,000.

    Other cool pop culture highlights include:

    • Charlton Heston “Taylor” rifle from Planet of the Apes.
    • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea large-scale Nautilus submarine.
    • Original screen-used “FS-1” Flying Sub filming miniature from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
    • Van Williams “Britt Reid” Hornet “gas” gun from The Green Hornet.
    • Kenner prototype “Oscar Goldman” exploding briefcase from The Six Million Dollar Man.
    • Robin Williams “Mork from Ork” signature space-suit costume designed by Robert Fuca for Mork and Mindy.
    • Miniature working Airwolf helicopter from the establishing mountain hangar shots for Airwolf.
    • Shock Trooper costume from V.
    • David Tennant-era bronze Dalek replica from Dr. Who.
    • Original Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    • Harrison Ford “Rick Deckard” stunt blaster from Blade Runner.
    • Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    • Hero non-firing Flamethrower from Alien.
    • Tron complete “Blue Warrior” costume.
    • Production-made Michael J. Fox “Marty McFly” Mattel hoverboard applique with production materials archive from Back to the Future III.
    • Dennis Hopper “Deacon” screen used Taurus 9 MM pistol from Waterworld.
    • Full-scale Warrior Bug from Starship Troopers.
    • Screen-used “Wilson” volley ball from the escape sequence in Cast Away.
    • Hero Eragon sword from Eragon.

    Download the entire catalog in PDF format HERE. Visit for comlete auction details.

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