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    REVIEW: Sideshow Star Wars BOBA FETT Mythos Statue

    One of the Coolest Boba Fett Collectibles You'll Ever Own...

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    Sideshow is no stranger to Star Wars collectibles, the company responsible for a wide range of action figures, busts and statues based on every conceivable character and creature. While most all of these Star Wars items have been fantastic in sculpt and design, the majority stick to very safe and strict guidelines - film canon, if you will. And that right there is my problem, not just with Star Wars, but any license that has been done to death in collectible form. It all starts looking the same. I need some variety in my collection.

    Thankfully Sideshow has heard my plea and is shaking things up with a new series of high-end statues called Star Wars Mythos. This collection isn't meant to reinvent the wheel, but rather put a new spin on things. The basic idea behind Star Wars Mythos is to take a familiar character and tweak certain design elements; all based on an imaginative "what if" scenario Sideshow came up with. Everything fans know and love about the character remains intact... but place that character in a new pose, introduce some cool weapons and accessories, and alter the wardrobe slightly and suddenly you have a collectible that is familiar, yet fresh and exciting.

    Sideshow's newest Star Wars Mythos statue is the most feared, most respected bounty hunter in the galaxy: Boba Fett. Sideshow's design team really went fanboy crazy with this one, taking my favorite Star Wars character and making him even cooler - as if that was possible! This dynamic piece features tons of neat new additions, including a kama half-kilt, boot knife, belted collection of lightsabers (!), and loads of firepower, including his trademark EE-3 carbine rifle, holstered Sacros K-11 blaster pistol, shoulder slung heavy blaster and two interchangable left hand weapons: a small but powerful concussion grenade launcher or an incredibly large sniper rifle that brings the height of this statue to 26 inches tall.

    This amazing statue - limited to 2500 pieces - is available for order now priced at $324.99 with a payment plan available for as little as $162.50/month.

    The first thing that struck me when opening up the new Boba Fett Mythos was just how sophisticated statues have become. A statue's design used to be restricted by a solid one-piece cast. Now a statue can now take almost any form imaginable thanks to a new modular construction system - where powerful magnets and thick steel rods hold everything in place. The only downside is that you have to build it, but the simple process is overshadowed by the benefits. Aside from a more dynamic design, having a statue broken down by components means parts are less likely to break. It also allows for customization - letting collectors swap parts to create an entirely new look. The Boba Fett Mythos statue is a testament to this new statue design, a marvel of engineering.

    As my photo collage above illustrates, putting Boba Fett together is a layered process. Starting with the large, heavy silver base (with statue information and edition size on the bottom), the statue is constructed by gradually stacking new pieces. Next comes a large rock formation, its unique grooving fitting snuggly into the first platform. Boba's lower body follows, plugging into a hole via a large thick metal rod in his foot. Line him up with the corresponding footprints on the rock base and you're good to go. Strong magnets come into play for the rest of the statue; Boba Fett's head, hands, upper torso, and jet pack all locking firmly into place by magical invisible forces. Last but not least, there is the option to sling a heavy blaster over Boba's right shoulder; the gun securing into a hole via a small peg on the strap. The weapon adds one of many new design elements to Sideshow's Boba Fett, but for the purists out there, the gun can be left off to expose the bounty hunter's trademark braided wookie scalps.

    The final stage in building up Boba is a matter of personal choice. Yes, I'm talking about the left hand gun debate: using Boba Fett's small and familiar concussion launcher OR attaching a crazy long rifle that screams Rambo. If you're the type of collector that left off the shoulder slung heavy blaster I just mentioned, then I'm sure the more film accurate short gun is to your liking. But I honestly don't understand that mentality. If you want Boba Fett as he appears in the movies, then there's a ton of other statues and collectibles out there. Personally I don't think Sideshow should have allowed the option for a more movie accurate look... it totally undermines the entire point of this piece, that being an exciting new Boba Fett appearance for collectors to display. I'd much rather have seen another unique weapon included. All that being said, the massive sniper rifle - for me - is the only way to go. Its over-the-top nature fits Boba Fett well, the bounty hunter already armed to the teeth with a suit of concealed weapons. Tough appearance aside, the rifle adds a whole new layer of dynamic composition to the piece. Instead of the flow abruptly cutting off with the tiny blaster in hand, the statue soars on to new heights - quite literally - with the sniper rifle armed and ready. It just looks better, the exaggerated weapon lending power to what would have been just another run-of-the-mill Boba Fett statue.

    I take that back. Even without the sniper rifle in hand, this Boba Fett statue would still stand unique among its peers. It's all about the little details. One neat feature is the ability to flip down Boba Fett's range finder. A statue with moving parts… just another amazing advancement in sculpture design. Given Boba Fett's pose, having the range finder lowered gives the impression that he's surveying the land, hunting for his target(s). Which, by the way, is precisely the backstory Sideshow created for this piece! Read all about "Bounty #239" HERE.

    Another cool detail is the kama half-kilt. I've always liked the kama look on the clone troopers, which according to Wookiepedia, came from the Mandalorian culture. So yeah, the kama look for Boba Fett is actually quite fitting. Boba also packs a boot knife, which in the Star Wars universe is most likely a vibroblade. As heavily armed as Boba Fett is, I was actually surprised that I didn't find any grenades. However, I was shocked to discover not one, but three lightsabers clipped to his belt! How cool is that? Seeing that Boba Fett isn't trained in the use of a lightsaber, I envision the weapons more for looks - trophies taken from Jedi he's killed... the same Jedi that Boba Fett holds responsible for his father's death. Those three lightsabers and that massive gun are the two details that truly blow me away with this statue. Really cool stuff.

    Boba Fett Mythos Statue and Star Wars Black Boba Fett Size Comparison

    Like many people out there, I love Boba Fett. I own many items of my favorite Star Wars character - collectibles of all shapes and sizes. While I enjoy all my Boba Fett movie stuff, after a while you long for something different. Sideshow's Boba Fett Mythos statue is just that - a cool, imaginative tribute to the masked bounty hunter. If you're looking for a centerpiece - and a conversation piece - to your Boba Fett collection, then the Boba Fett Mythos statue is it. This is the Fett I want to see in a movie: kicking butt and taking names... not going out like a sarlacc snack schmuck.

    The Boba Fett Mythos statue - limited to 2500 pieces - is available for order now priced at $324.99 with a payment plan available for as little as $162.50/month.

    All Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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