First the Master Chief Statue - I am trying to remember how much time passed between the Hunter going on sale and when it sold out. I thought it was a few day.

My reason for bringing this up is because I emailed McFarlane to ask what time the sale starts and they did not know. It says Friday the 6th of December but it is like if I wait up till midnight then they don't start selling I'll go to sleep and maybe miss out. For $300 I am going to try to get one. I really hate when they sell items in this fashion because like always people who really want one will miss out only to find them for sale on Amazon or Ebay for $1500. What ever happened to having early or exclusive access for McFarlane items when you are a member.

Second is Smaug - Has anyone seen or heard of anyone planning on releasing a nice statue/battle scene with Smaug. I was thinking they wold wait till after the film since they never showed the whole dragon yet.

Maybe there is something out there now. I kind of forgot about the movie since I saw the first one.